Trailer Trash: Pete Doherty’s New Digs

July 5, 2007

After what was apparently a fight over whether or not Pete would go to rehab, Kate Moss finally kicked Pete Doherty’s ass to the curb! Pete had supposedly tried to make things right with Kate by bringing her a picture…a drawing in Kate’s likeness next to their cat with the ever-wistful “there’s no place like home” saying scrawled on it.

An onlooker says that Pete was banging on the door, but finally gave up and threw the picture to the ground. So now, poor crackhead Pete is dividing his time between a flat in East London, and the lovely trailer hole.

Kate has even reportedly changed her locks to keep him from entering her home!!! All I can say is that the trailer park looks right up Pete’s crack-infested alley.

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