Jordin Sparks & Jason Derulo: Celebrity Couple of the Week

September 26, 2011

Who is our Celebrity Couple of the Week? A new pairing, and a mighty fine one at that. Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo are dating! Yes, the former American Idol winner and the ‘Whatcha Say’ singer have been together since August. Don’t they make such a cute couple?

Jordin Sparks Jason Derulo

I can’t believe that Jordin is already 21 years old. It doesn’t seem possible. Wasn’t it just yesterday that my hometown girl won American Idol? She was only 17 years old when she was crowned the winner in its sixth season.

While the two have been friends for years, it wasn’t until they both were a part of a show in the Bahamas that ‘sparks’ flew. A source revealed to Us Mag:

“Derulo saw the slimmer Sparks in a whole new light in the Bahamas. She lost over 30 pounds and looks amazing — and he told her. It started there and they have been really reconnecting, now as lovers and not just friends.”

Um, say what? He only noticed her because she lost some weight? I’m sorry, but I take total offense to that. Is Jason really that shallow? Again, this is what an ‘insider’ close to Jason said, not Jason himself. And the other thing, now they’re ‘lovers’…um, did Jordin ditch that purity ring, you know, the one that she wore symbolizing her promise to remain a virgin until she marries? Just wonderin’.

Anyways, since Jason was on tour on his actual birthday, September 21st, he and Jordin celebrated his 22nd birthday Sunday night with a dinner date at Philippe Chow Sunday evening. A witness told Us, “Jordin would sing to him occasionally through the night in his ear if her head was rested on his shoulder. It was Jason’s only night in L.A. and the pair were excited to reunite.” Now that’s sweet! I wonder how long this pair will last. Any guesses? Leave ‘em in the comments section below!

Photos: Hoffmann/L. Gallo

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