Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Details

September 23, 2011

With Supernatural’s seventh season opener just around the corner, the network has released the plot for first episode set to air on September 23rd. Find out what lays ahead for The Winchester brothers, Bobby, Cas and Crowley.

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Season 7 of Supernatural will be kicking off this week, letting fans finally see what becomes of the Winchesters after season six left us tongue tied, with our eyes glued to the screen.

After reading between the lines of CW’s recently released episode synopsis for the first show of the season, it looks like show runners will pick off with Cas under the impression that he is the new God, as well as the latest news that Dean’s decision to call in Death. This year is sure to be an exciting one.

Who would of thought Cas could go evil, becoming an enemy of the Winchesters, and giving Sam and Dean more problems to deal with. There’s also the issue of Sam tittering on the brink, with the wall in his head that has officially about to come tumbling down! The brothers will also be dealing with Crowley issue. Here’s the premise of season 7, episode 1:

“Castiel (Misha Collins) continues to struggle with the burdens that come with his new-fangled power. The broken wall in Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) head causes him to have hallucinations, and he has difficulty discerning what’s real and what’s not. Bobby (Jim Beaver) worries that Dean is beginning to stumble under the weight of fighting Castiel and keeping an eye on Sam. Guy Bee directed the episode written by Ben Edlund.”

In a latest bit of casting scoop, before Supernatural fans tune in – actor D.J. Qualls of Road Trip fame will also be showing up in a guest spot on the show this year. Are you ready for a new year, with the details of who or what will be the central evil figure this year? Check out a few clips below and don’t forget to tune in for the season premiere with our recap set to follow.

Don’t forget, Supernatural will debut September 23rd on the CW at 9pm est.

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