Is the Haifa Wahbe Sex Tape a Fake? (Video)

July 3, 2007

The celebrity sex tape of Arab singer Haifa Wahbe proves that scandal is not limited to American bad girls. This video was allegedly filmed by her boyfriend, which is the customary practice among young starlets hoping to please their man. The problem is when they go public, as Haifa Wehbe’s sex tape has become. But is the video a fake?

Here she is with her boyfriend. More photos of Haifa’s ass in a hot tub are below.

haifa wehbe and boyfriend

Haifa Wahbe is absolutely gorgeous and she has a fabulous voice. The is one of the most beautiful and talented singers in the world, and still relatively unknown outside of the Arab world.

There is some talk that the sex video is a fake. Here she is answering questions about her sex life.

And if you want to know how beautiful and fabulously talented this Lebanese singer, actress and model really is, just check out this video. Haifa is stunning and she can dance too!

Here are some nice photos.

haifa wehbehaifa wehbehaifa wehbe
haifa wehbehaifa wehbe

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33 Responses to “Is the Haifa Wahbe Sex Tape a Fake? (Video)”

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  1. 1
    dina Says:

    she have contacts i should know i putthe on too the same color plus her baby pic she have dark brown eyes check it on youtube she have all kinds of surgery done tones of makeup fake lashes fake hair extensions i dont know whats the fuss about she looks like a striper???????

  2. 2
    mary Says:

    i think hayfa is a pretty ladey thats all she has no voice but what she dose in her life is her bussnes how r we to judge her

  3. 3
    mary Says:

    i think hayfa is a pretty ladey thats all she has no voice but what she dose in her life is her bussnes how r we to judge her so hayfa just want u to know u r pretty but plz do samething eles then singing and also i well like to say samething live life dont worry about what pepole say i bit if they where u they want even know there mother if u get what i mean u r a person like every other and u r aloud to have a personal life of ur own take care

  4. 4
    Noura Says:


  5. 5
    marwan Says:

    From my point of view , she is a remarkable singer and fashion lady that every one should admit. She is so cute and I really love her too much no matter what the people talk because she is so soft.

  6. 6
    saeed Says:

    haifa is a fashion and sexy lady only

  7. 7
    mohamad Says:

    Although there has been alot of contraversy about whether or not the video of Hyfa having sex is real, I am not here to judge. But thinking about it, I sort of find it hard to believe that someone would pose as Hayfa conduct leud acts and tape it all. I haven’t seen the tape and I don’t know how much it shows. But what I do know is if she was in that video and did do those acts well, she called it upon herself. Let’s be realistic, how many celebs do we see out there that have fallen in the same situation with their cover blown?

  8. 8
    mohamad Says:

    Here’s something to ponder on, if it was not her then who was it? And how did it get out?

  9. 9
    mohamad Says:

    It’s not about who are we to judge her. You have to remember when a person takes the spotlight she takes on fans she takes on people who admire her. Yes it is her private business, but she has an example to put forth.

  10. 10
    jasem Says:

    yea, thats nice, someone send me a link or site where i can watch the vid pls, ty

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