Jon Cryer Spills ‘Two And A Half Men’ Details For New Season

August 29, 2011

With the premiere of Two and a Half Men, that will feature the death of Charlie Harper, right around the corner, actor Jon Cryer has spilled some additional details surrounding Ashton Kutcher’s new character, and how the rest of the cast will move forward in the new season. Find out what Cryer dished to Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview.

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Long time ‘Two and a Half Men’ star Jon Cryer, who plays Allan in the series, has revealed more details about Ashton Kucther’s heart broken billionaire character Walden Schmidt who will be introduced in the season 9 premiere on September 19th.

According to Cryer, Ashton’s alter ego will surface after the passing of Charlie Harper and purchase the house. Also touching a little on Charlie’s death, Cryer shared that the big storyline won’t be a particular sappy one. Of course Charlie Sheen, and his fans are most likely waiting to see Sheen’s on-screen persona go down in fiery flames, but from show runner Chuck Lorres’ stand point, he may file the loss of Charlie Harper under “no big deal.” Which would be a bigger insult to the troubled star, sending him on a verbal tirade.

Cryer also divulged that Walden Schmidt will also let both Allan and Jake live in the home, with Allan taking more of a ladies man role in the series!

“I can only say my character ends up being the more romantically experienced one of the two of them. So Alan becomes sort of a mentor character to Ashton’s character,” Cryer revealed. “And as bad as an idea as that sounds, it’s just as bad on the show — I’m a terrible mentor. And that’s where a lot of the fun of the show comes from.”

Although show runners and the actors of ‘Two and a Half Men’ have been tight lipped about the show’s plot, they’re not keeping quiet when it comes to their love towards Ashton Kutcher, Sheen’s replacement.

“I have been in what I refer to as the U.S.S. Yorktown,” he said about Kutcher’s trailer. “What’s great about it is it provides shade — for most of the studio lot. He had told me early on that he was going to get an enormous trailer. It’s a fun place to hang out for us and anybody on the crew — he has an open-door policy. He’s got almost a club upstairs — yeah, that’s right, I said upstairs. He pipes music out before and after the shows and everybody hangs out. It creates a great vibe.”

Most often times when a cast gets along as well as this trio reportedly does, it makes well for an awesome show and believable relationships on camera.

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