Week 8 Spoilers, HOH and POV, for Big Brother 13

August 28, 2011

If you are too busy to watch Big Brother 13, Episode 23 tonight, here are all the spoilers you need for HOH, nominations and even the POV winner. I know I won′t be watching as TCM will be airing one of my favorite movies, ′My Man Godfrey′, starring Carole Lombard and Dick Powell. A great comedy that everyone can enjoy! So let us first quickly review Thursday′s live episode.

week 8 spoilers
Jordan, pictured above, is all alone now without her man Jeff. Image Credit: Nikki Nelson / WENN.com.

Jeff, who was HOH, and his alliance managed to successfully back-door Danielle out of the house. Then began an accelerated eviction cycle, cramming a whole week in less than an hour. Kalia won HOH and nominated Jeff and Rachel. Porsche won the POV and did not use it. The vote was tied between Jeff and Rachel as Jordan and Adam voted to evict Rachel and Shelly and Porsche voted to evict Jeff. Kalia cast the deciding vote as HOH, sending Jeff to the Jury House.

So here come the spoilers! Remember that weird curving track with a hole on one end in the backyard? That was the next HOH competition. Amazingly, Porsche won it! Yes, Porsche is HOH, which naturally sent a dark cloud over Rachel and Jordan. The Curse of the Floaters continues.

Big Brother then brought back a twist from last season, Pandora′s Box. Porsche opened the box and won herself $5,000 dollars. Meanwhile, the bad blood between Jordan and Shelly becomes more poisonous after they have a verbal brawl. This actually happens before the HOH contest. Jordan was in a pity-poor-me mood and Shelly just had to try justifying her vote against Jeff. Things got ugly, fast!

Needless to say, Porsche nominates Rachel and Jordan. Jordan seems just ready to go and be reunited with Jeff, but most of the house wants Rachel gone, even though Rachel has been behaving herself. Adam is still seen as a wild card so Kalia tries to secure his loyalty with the ultimate bait, being in the Final 2 with her. Adam was just hoping to make it to the Final 4. Naturally he likes Kalia′s offer.

The POV contest returns to using pairs as was the case at the beginning of this season. Kalia and Porsche square off against Rachel and Jordan as well as Adam and Shelly. This is a big one to win because the POV extends to a pair, so both people could be taken off the chopping block. Fortunately, Rachel wins the POV, which means that she will take Jordan and herself off and Porsche will have no choice but to replace them with Adam and Shelly. Since only Kalia, Rachel and Jordan can vote, it would seem pretty certain that Shelly will pay the price for betraying the veteran alliance.

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