Big Brother 13 Episode 22 Recap of Double Eviction

August 26, 2011

Last night was a busy one on Big Brother 13, Episode 22 so let us recap the live double eviction. First, as we know. Jeff won the Zingbot Bride POV contest. Since he was HOH, he now had full control over the nominations for eviction. During the POV ceremony, Jeff decided to take Porsche off the chopping block and replaced here with Danielle. This put the two allies, Dani and Kalia at odds with each other.

big brother 13 double eviction recap
Jeff succeeded as HOH in evicting Danielle, but at a price. Image Credit: Nikki Nelson /

Danielle was able to convince Shelly to campaign for her, which the flighty Shelly was eager to do. Shelly tried to persuade Adam to vote against Jeff and his alliance and keep Danielle in the house. But Adam was not willing to commit. So Shelly bit her tongue, swallowed what little pride she has and started working on Rachel. Shelly told Rachel how Jeff deliberately threw the POV contest that resulted in Brendon being booted. Rachel went to Danielle to discuss the situation and a deal was offered by Dani.

Sometime just before the live eviction vote, Jeff learned that Shelly was betraying him and his alliance. Tensions were high as Danielle delivered a long, silly speech slamming Jeff and Jordan. Kalia, who was worried about being the target, benefited from Jeff′s move to back-door Danielle. Only Shelly and Porsche voted to evict Kalia. Jordan, Rachel and Adam stuck with their ally Jeff and sent Danielle out the door.

With no time to waste, the House Guests gathered in the backyard for the HOH competition, the winner of which would have to make another round of nominations immediately. The event was a quiz game and Kalia wound up beating Jordan for the title of HOH. Kalia put Jeff and Rachel up for nomination and the gang returned to the backyard for a POV contest. Rachel looked to be in the lead as everybody searched for two clown shoes in a large box of balls. But Porsche came up with her second shoe first and won the Power of Veto, which, she naturally declined using.

During the final speeches, Rachel gave the usual ″I love playing Big Brother″ theme while Jeff went on the attack against Shelly. The live vote was split 2-all so Kalia, as HOH, had the deciding vote, She went with her allies, Porsche and Shelly and evicted Jeff. So two power players are out and joining Brendon in the Jury House. The game is now down to six players with Rachel, Jordan, Adam apparently against Kalia, Shelly and Porsche. Unless Rachel or Jordan can win the next HOH, any chance they have of defeating the flip-floaters may evaporate quickly.


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