It’s Splitsville For Minka Kelly & Derek Jeter

August 26, 2011

Minka Kelly is a Sports WAG no more, as she and her New York Yankees beau have gone their separate ways after being together for three years.

Minka Kelly Derek Jeter

Kelly’s rep has confirmed to PEOPLE that the two have ended their relationship, but insists that it was amicable and they do ‘care about each other’ and will remain friends. Yada, yada, yada. That’s pretty much the standard statement when any high profile celebrity couple call it quits, eh?

Just last month, the former Friday Night Lights star was on hand at Yankee Stadium to watch her BF hit a home run that earned him his 3,000th career hit during a game against the Tampa Bay Rays. Things looked okey dokey between the two, so I’m wondering what happened since then that led to this breakup. She does admit that in the beginning of their relationship she didn’t know a thing about the sport, revealing in the HBO documentary, Derek Jeter 3K, “I didn’t know the difference between a run and a home run. I thought if you made a connection with the ball, that was an automatic hit.” Jeter joked, “She’s lying. She had a poster of me on her wall when she was in high school.” He did later say that Kelly “really didn’t know a thing about baseball…I’d come home and she’d be happy and say, ‘You got four hits!'”. Jeter’s Dad was the one who gave Kelly a crash course on baseball know how, with Jeter saying in the documentary, “Now, she knows what’s going on.”

The two have succeeded in keeping their relationship (which began in 2008) under wraps, as they were uber private regarding their romance. Every few months rumors would circulate about a wedding being planned, blah blah blah, and those claims would be shot down by reps.

Maybe it was the distance between them that ultimately caused their split. Minka has been in Miami shooting Charlie’s Angels, the reboot of the 1970’s classic that saw Farrah Fawcett gain international stardom. The much talked about show will premiere September 22nd on ABC.

What do you think of Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter splitting? Are you surprised?


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