Kim Kardashian People Cover: First Wedding Photos!!

August 24, 2011

The People cover featuring Kim Kardashian on her wedding day has finally been released! The Cover and first pics are out and Kim was absolutely stunning!

Kim Kardashian Wedding Cover

Kim Kardashin married Kris Humphries this past weekend in a rumored $10 million lavish ceremony.

“It was like we were in heaven,” Kardashian tells this week’s PEOPLE in a cover story with an exclusive wedding photo album.

Adds Humphries: “I’m going to remember how perfect it was.”

The wedding was black and white themed, and Kim’s wedding planner explained to People what they were going for with the formal wedding,

“Kim loves black and white and so does Kris. They have this Hollywood royalty feeling and the black and white represented formality. But tradition was very important to them.”

Kim wore a custom Vera Wang gown, and later had two other wedding dress changes. Her hair was pinned back, which was surprising. I expected her hair to be down and flowing! She looked stunning. Her look was complete with a veil, beaded head band, and later, a beautiful barrette on the side of her hair.

Her bridesmaids were her sisters of course, who also wore all white and looked equally as stunning. This is definitely an issue I want to buy! I am sure the reception was one to remember and was rumored to be a star studded event!

I think they married kind of soon, especially considering that next weeks episode of keeping Up With The Kardashians shows Kris talking about how he didn’t know Kim was married once before. in a way that is a good thing, it means he is not a stalker. But then it also shows how little they knew each other!

I wish them the best. I hope they beat the odds of Hollywood marriages. I wonder how long till she is knocked up?
Check out People magazine for more!!!

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One Response to “Kim Kardashian People Cover: First Wedding Photos!!”

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    Jeanette Johnson Says:

    She really did look beautiful on her wedding day, but I thought for sure her hair would be down as well.