Mandy Moore Turns Heads In Swinging With The Finkels Trailer (Video)

August 22, 2011

Always playing the sweet and polite, Mandy Moore is showing a whole new side of herself in the first movie trailer for ‘Swinging With The Finkels.’ Watch Moore below!

Mandy Moore 1

Mandy Moore, who is best known for her roles as the quiet, religious Jamie Sullivan in ‘A Walk To Remember’, or a trapped princess in ‘Tangled’, is turning in her proper persona, opting to take on more adult fare. Her debut performance – Swinging With The Finkels!

Under the direction of director Jonathan Newman (Foster), who also wrote the script, Moore and her co-star Martin Freeman play a bored married couple who have hit bottom. Looking to spruce things up, Moore’s character Ellie Finkel suggests they become swingers. Seen in the trailer, the two go on the wild adventure of what looks like trying to find the perfect couple. Of course those that apply are insane and laughable.

Discussing the movie over a year ago, Moore told Reuters – “When I describe Swinging with the Finkels to friends, I definitely say its a romantic comedy. I don’t know if you need to say anything outside of that!” She also added, that she felt the flick “comes from an innocent place.”

The movie looks like a good laugh, with Moore playing a role like you’ve never seen her before. The Slap’s Melissa George is also featured in the movie, as well as cast line-up of actors like the always hilarious Jerry Stiller, Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie’s), Daisy Beaumont (The Armstrong and Miller Show ), and Edward Akrout (The Borgias).

‘Swinging With The Finkels’ will have a limited release in US theaters on August 26th 2011. Check out the movie trailer below where Mandy Moore gets R-rated and tell us what you think? Moore can be seen next in the upcoming movie Falling Slowly, as well as the TV series TRON: Uprising where she will voice the character Mara.

Mandy Moore 2Mandy Moore 3Mandy Moore 4

Credit: C.Smith/WENN

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