Big Brother 13 POV Spoilers for Week 7

August 22, 2011

Time again for some Big Brother 13 spoilers, this one covering the POV for Week 7. As we all know from the Sunday show, and my previous recap and spoiler article, Jeff won the HOH competition, the first male to do so this season. He edged out Porsche and Rachel in the soapy slip-n-slide race. After much politicking from Danielle, hoping to ensure her safety, Jeff decided to nominate Kalia and Porsche, both of Danielle′s allies, for eviction.

Jeff is HOH
Jeff is HOH this week and is going after Danielle and her alliance. Image Credit: Nikki Nelson /

If that were not bad enough, we also watched on the Sunday recap show how Jeff got to hand-pick the three Have-Nots for this week. He chose Danielle, Porsche and Kalia. They may only eat slop all week, or enjoy hard-boiled eggs and jalapeno peppers. Needless to say, the ladies are not happy.

So, now we get into spoiler country. Jeff won the POV competition. The debate now begun on whether to let things stand, or make a move now on back-dooring Danielle? The general consensus is that if the vote were between Kalia and Porsche, Kalia would be the one sent home. She is seen as a bigger threat and more dependable ally of Danielle.

But Jeff decides it is time to roll the dice. At the Power of Veto ceremony, Jeff uses the POV to take Porsche off the chopping block and replaces her with Danielle. This shocks Dani who now must compete against her best ally. Kalia is likewise not happy about it as she thought, incorrectly, that she stood a better chance of staying against Porsche. So Jeff actually did Kalia a favor now. Or did he?

Obviously, Danielle wants to campaign to stay in the house but does not want to do so directly. So she uses Porsche and Shelly to do the dirty work. This brings us to the sad move by Jeff and Jordan last week of not standing by Brendon and working harder to keep him in the house. Shelly is worse than a floater. She is a two-faced, lying, back-stabbing b*#*h! So Shelly is hard at work trying to convince both Porsche and Adam that they would be better off keeping Danielle in the house and evicting Kalia. With only Jordan and Rachel as sure votes against Danielle, Jeff′s plan could backfire. Somehow, they have to try to win over Adam and or Porsche to succeed in their plan.


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