Pippa Middleton Wedding Rear-End the Real-Deal?

August 20, 2011

Was Pippa Middleton’s rear end enhanced for her sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William? This is what sources are saying now. Many viewers who watched Kate and William’s wedding felt that maid of honor Pippa Middleton stole the show in her gorgeous infamous white dress that was form fitting to her exquisite figure. Now that the festivities are over, analysts looking back at the pictures are stating that Pippa’s ass was just a little too perfect and she may have been wearing a padding garment that made her look flawless in her Alexander McQueen gown.

London spa owner, Lesley Reynolds Kahn, stated during a new TLC special entitled Crazy About Pippa that she was not entirely convinced that Pippa’s look was completely natural. She also stated that when looking at other photos of Pippa Middleton in jeans that she has a completely flat back side. Lesley also stated that she felt that Pippa was wearing some sort of padded garment to supply a bit of a lift for the special day.

Whatever is the truth, the physically active Pippa pretty much stole the show with added lift and padding or not.

What do you think? Was Pippa’s backside asset enhanced?

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