Daniel Radcliffe’s Girlfriend Revealed

August 19, 2011

It seems Harry Potter mega star, Daniel Radcliffe, is ready to go public with his girlfriend. Get the details here on Radcliffe, who has been revealed to be dating a brunette beauty, by the name of Rosanne Coker, for the last year.

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With the Harry Potter franchise officially finished, but still creating a buzz, Daniel Radcliffe has finally stepped out with his girlfriend, who he has been dating for quite sometime. After meeting Rosanne Coker back in 2007, a production assistant behind the camera in several installments of the block buster, Radcliffe is ready to go public it appears, after the two were seen hand in hand, strolling through the streets of New York.

Radcliffe refers to Coker as his “girlfriend at the moment, who I am very much in love with,” and she appears to be a keeper, with several sources calling her sporty, beautiful, smart and more. In light of Radcliffe’s girlfriend finally revealed, her father has spoken out about his daughter’s relationship with Radcliffe.

Calling him a “lovely guy,” Mr. Coker shared (per The Daily Mail) “I don’t want to say too much really as they would really prefer to keep things quiet. But Rosanne has worked on the last three Harry Potter films, so she and Daniel have known each other quite a long time. But they have been going out for just over a year now.”

Mr. Coker also went on to add that her happiness was all that really matters. “I’m just really happy for Rosanne and as long as she is happy that is all that matters to me. No other parent would ask any more. I know it’s not a normal life they live. But they have a lot of fun together and at their age, what more could you ask?”

It looks like the cast of Potter is growing up! Does this mean Coker will finally join Daniel Radcliffe on his upcoming red carpet events?

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    OST Says:

    Good for him, that’s great that he can actually have a private relationship