Big Brother 13 Live Eviction Recap plus HOH Spoilers

August 19, 2011

We begin the Big Brother 13 live eviction recap, and bonus HOH spoilers, for Week 6 with a quick update. After Danielle nominated Shelly and Adam for eviction, Adam won the POV contest and took himself off the chopping block. Danielle replaced him with Brendon, making a foolish speech comparing Brendon with a zombie. So we pretty much know from that that Danielle wants Brendon booted, once and for all.

Jeff is HOH
Jeff and Jordan back-stabbed Brendon and help evict him. Image Credit: Nikki Nelson /

So, Brendon and Rachel set to work on securing the needed votes to keep Brendon in the game. They first talk with Adam and try to convince him that Danielle is targeting all the men. Rachel tries to mend her relationship with Porsche, too. Neither get very far.

Jeff and Jordan chat with Shelly about saving her. JeJo are still somewhat suspicious of Shelly′s activities, talking to everyone and playing the middle too much. Danielle then talks with JeJo and tries to arrange a deal with them to save her from being nominated in the future. Finally, Brenchel talks with JeJo to reaffirm their alliance, but get a poor response. It seems that Jeff and Jordan have decided that they will only save Brendon if he has enough votes to be guaranteed a win. Otherwise, JeJo will vote along with the rest of the house. This ends in yet another verbal battle between Jeff and Rachel.

The live eviction vote comes and it is not going well for Brendon. Only Rachel casts a vote to evict Shelly. The rest pile on and send Brendon out the door for a second time. Brendon now becomes the first member of the Jury. Stand by for HOH spoilers…


The HOH competition was a long one that went beyond the one hour live show. The object is to carrying a small tea cup of liquid soap across a slippery track to fill a large bowl with a ping-pong ball in it. The first to fill their bowl so the ping pong ball rises to the top wins. As if the track was not slippery enough, Big Brother torments the contestants further dumping extra soap suds and rain on the parade. Jeff wins HOH, which upsets Rachel. But it may not matter as Jeff is considering nominating Kalia and Porsche, with an eye to back-door Danielle out of the house. Hopefully Rachel will behave herself.


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