What Happened at Kobe Bryant’s Church This Sunday?

August 16, 2011

A man named Thomas Hagos claims that the champ threw a fit after he tried to take a photo of Kobe with his family—which actually led to violence. If only he were a football player, because I have a couple of hail Mary jokes for this one.

Kobe Bryant

Sure, Kobe hasn’t always enjoyed a love affair with the media. Every time I see his face I think of the absurd $4 million dollar ring he bought his wife after being accused of cheating a while back—but this one is just blasphemous.

Would he actually get uppity in the house of the Lord? One man says so. This guy Hagos says that Kobe got all fired up and snatched his cell phone from him at a church they were both attending in Carmel Valley, California.

A TV station in Los Angeles reported that the basketballer allegedly spent the time to check if the guy actually captured any photos on him on the phone. Even more ridiculous is the claim that the cell phone grabbing somehow injured his wrist.

Kobe’s lawyer poo-poo’d the claim, and had this to say:

“(Kobe) is aware of the baseless allegations asserted against him, and is prepared to defend against them fully.”

TMZ wrote that authorities in San Diego want to speak to the man making the claim. If he sticks by his accusation, the police could be visiting the NBA champ in the near future.

Well, of course the question is whether or not this guy is out for a payday, or if he genuinely wants justice for allegedly suffering a minor assault.

This one will obviously have to be shaken out. We’ll see if it turn into anything worth reporting. Stay tuned…

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