Dr. Phil Scores First Interview With Casey Anthony’s Parents Cindy and George

August 16, 2011

It looks like George and Cindy Anthony, the parents of Casey Anthony, have decided it is time to tell their side of the story. The lucky person to be granted that interview is the one and only Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil

On September 12th, George and Cindy Anthony will sit down with Dr. Phil to discuss the trials and tribulations they have been through since learning their granddaughter Caylee disappeared in 2008. From the heartfelt news that the adorable little girl had been killed to the realization that their own daughter and Caylee’s mother was being charged with the murder to having to sit in court for all those days, it has been one thing after another for this couple.

So what can we expect from this highly anticipated interview? Dr. Phil says nothing was off limits and that he asks the couple some very tough questions. For their part, the Anthonys say they hope to be able to help other people. They apparently also only agreed to be on the show if a donation was made to the their granddaughters fund, which you have to give them some props for at least they aren’t trying to milk the situation for their own good in terms of cash.

This is a really really touchy topic I know but I have to say I am looking forward to hearing what Cindy and George have to say, especially about Casey being acquitted. There was a lot of mudslinging in the trial so it will be interesting to hear how they answer Dr. Phil’s tough questions. I am not really a fan of the doc’s but I think he might be the best person to conduct the interview. He will get down to business and ask what people want to know all while really listening to the Anthonys’ side of things.

Whether your opinion is on the interview or Cindy and George for that matter one thing is certain, it is going to be one heck of a premiere show so set your DVR’s or tune in.

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