Prince Harry Is Single Again: Caption This Photo!

August 16, 2011

Ladies man Prince Harry is back on the market, which is why he has been chosen as Right Celebrity’s Caption This photo contest for the week.

Prince Harry

It would appear that William’s little brother has called it quits with model Florence Brudenell-Bruce. I know, that was fast right and we will dish all about it in just a minute. However before we get into that I want to tell you all about our Caption This photo contest, I know you probably know the drill by now but just in case you forgot. Here is what you have to do, take a look at the lovely picture of Harry then caption it by leaving your super funny remarks in the below comments section. Then next Tuesday when a hot new topic and pic are posted check back to see if you are the big winner for the week. I told you super easy and lots of fun, so get captioning my friends. Seriously there is so much to say about Harry how can you not comment.

Alright now for the dish on Harry and Florence, well according to the Daily Mirror the prince is concentrating on his military career right now so the couple decided to part ways. A source close to the Royal Family reportedly told People magazine that Harry seems pretty intent on going back to the war zone. If that is true then it is probably best that the young Royal does not have any distractions, especially a female distraction. I think it is great to see him so focused on the Army but I highly doubt it means that he won’t be seen with some sort of female companion soon. I mean the guy loves the ladies and they love him, so focused or not you know he will be out and about with someone soon, even if it is casually.

Prince Harry 2Prince Harry 3Prince Harry 4Prince Harry 5Prince Harry 6

Photos: www.wenn.comTony Clark/Avar Hussein/Dan Wodler/Andres Otero

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