Kim Kardashian Wedding: Details and Drama!

August 15, 2011

Everyone is dying for Kim Kardashian wedding details with deets on all the drama, and trust me, in that family there is bound to be some!

kim kardashian wedding cake

Kim Kardashian is going to walk down the aisle in just a few short days. Did you get your invite to the exclusive black-tie affair? Of course you did, because like anything with the Kardashian’s, it will be filmed for an E! special.

I feel like this is the Royal Wedding of the states! All the details so far are incredible – Kim is going BIG! She is rumored to be spending close to $10 million, which wouldn’t surprise me one bit. She did have a million dollar birthday cake, after all.

Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress is being kept close under wraps, but we do know she is wearing white…and Tyra has seen it!

“What she showed me was so beautiful. It’s interesting because they were pictures from a fitting, but it actually looked like the wedding, like her hair was done. So it was like a real almost dress rehearsal and she looked absolutely beautiful.”

Vera Wang is designing the wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses will be green. They will all be stunning I am sure; Kim is going to look fab! Expect it to be a star studded event, and one that will make history.

We will have pictures of the wedding up as soon as possible, but don’t expect to see anything less than professional shots. Guests will have to go through a metal detector to ensure that guests don’t take pics. They already have them sold for $3 million, along with the E! special. Girlfriend has to pay for the big day somehow!

Kim said in a recent interview that she is surprisingly calm,

“Everyone says that you freak out, but I think all my freak-out moments happened at the beginning when we decided to get married this summer. That’s when you’re like, ‘When and where?!’ So once all those decisions were made…Like this week I’ve been really calm.”

So will you be tuning into Kim Kardashian’s wedding special to get the details and drama? I know I will, for sure! I hope the day goes smoothly and she has a blast!

Congrats to Kim and Kris!


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