Big Brother 13 Episode 17 Recap plus POV Spoilers

August 15, 2011

We begin today′s Big Brother 13, Episode 17 recap and POV spoilers with first returning to the end of Thursday night′s live show. Brendon is back in the house with his beloved Rachel after defeating Lawon, who was evicted during the vote. The two battled it out for the right to be in the game and Brendon won. Naturally, this made Rachel very happy and had the opposite effect on Danielle and Kalia.

big brother 13 episode 17
Dick Donato′s daughter, Danielle, is once again the HOH for Big Brother 13. Image Credit: Nikki Nelson /

The HOH competition followed and Danielle managed to win it. Needless to say, this put targets back on Brendon and Rachel. Brenchel then held a meeting with Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Adam to firm up their alliance. Later, Danielle basically invited, or ordered, Brenchel to her HOH room for a conference. Danielle is seeking some assurance and deal. Rachel told her that she is ready to call a truce for the rest of the summer. Brendon was also willing to promise no nomination for at least a week, maybe more. Both suggested to Danielle that she deal with the floaters, Shelly, Adam and Porsche.

Danielle wound up talking with them, too. She particularly pressed Shelly on her floating. Later, Danielle and Kalia discuss their confidence that they have Porsche′s support locked up. To avoid major conflict with the strong players, going after floaters might be the ticket. Plus, whoever gets evicted from now on will be on the jury. So the game has changed. Danielle does indeed nominate Shelly and Adam for eviction. Now, time for POV spoilers…


Adam wins the Power of Veto! I think this is the first time he has won anything. Good time to win something. Needless to say, he takes himself off the chopping block. Since Danielle won′t put Porsche up, she selects Brendon to be the pawn. So who gets evicted? We′ll find out Thursday night. Given that Brendon already has 3 solid votes protecting him (Rachel, Jeff and Jordan), we′ll see how Kalia, Porcshe and Adam vote. My guess is that they will send Shelly packing. But who can say? Thank you for visiting our Big Brother 13, Episode 17 recap and POV spoilers. Stay tuned and visit us again on Friday for my take on the live eviction show.


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