Kate Plus 8 Canceled

August 15, 2011

It looks like Kate Gosselin’s reality TV days are numbered, for now anyway. TLC has officially put the kibosh on the show Kate Plus 8.

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I am sure there are many fans out there who are mourning the fact that Kate and her eight kids will no longer be on TV, I am just not one of them. The news that TLC has canceled the show actually kind of made me do a little happy dance.

However, fans of the show need not be too upset because of course the network revealed they will check in from time to time with the Gosselin clan so the world can see what they are up to. By the time the show ends, which will be on September 12th, there will have been 150 episodes that have followed this crazy fame whore family.

So why the decision to pull the plug on a show that was once a cash cow? Ratings or lack thereof I guess you could say. It would appear that viewers don’t so much care what is going on with the single mom and her clan. Again not really a shock to me but then again we all know how I feel about the show.

Here is a question though, what is Kate going to do next? She has spent the last six years making a living by exploiting her kids on TV, something tells me that isn’t really going to change. Her show may be gone but I don’t think Kate is going anywhere. I think it is pretty clear she is all about the spotlight and she ain’t giving it up any time soon. I could go on and on about what I think she will do next but I would so much rather hear what you think about the show getting axed as well as what mama Gosselin’s next move will be, so let me know!

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