Tara Reid Gets Engaged, Then Marries Hours Later

August 15, 2011

Former party girl Tara Reid not only got engaged over the weekend but she got hitched as well. Wow I guess it was quite the busy weekend for the sometimes actress.

Tara Reid

On Saturday Reid tweeted from Greece that she was engaged. Then just hours later she tweeted that she had gotten married. People.com is reporting that her new hubby is Zack Kehayov. Apparently there was some confusion as to who the lucky guy was, considering she recently ended a relationship with Danish businessman Michael Lilleund and was previously engaged to Internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann. Yep Tara has been a busy girl the last couple of years, personally anyway.

So who the heck is this Zack Kehayov guy? That my friends remains a mystery for now. I mean considering until Tara herself actually tweeted who she got hitched to everyone assumed it was one of her recent beaus. Clearly she has been keeping this guy hidden or she just met him. I guess only time will reveal some deets about Reid’s new man and of course if this union will actually last.

Congrats go out to Tara Reid and Zack Kehayov who decided to take the marriage plunge this past weekend, in Greece no less, lucky girl. You know I am happy for Reid. She gets a lot of flack for being a disaster and you know she was but I think she deserves some happiness. Let’s face it, her career isn’t too hot right now and everyone deserves to have something good going on in their lives, so here is hoping that this union make the actress happy.

I don’t really have much else to say about this topic for now. As always I want your two cents on this and I know considering who it is, you my faithful readers will have oh so much to say!

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