Big Brother 13 Live Eviction Recap for Week 5 plus HOH Spoilers

August 12, 2011

Host Julie Chen had a busy time last night during the Big Brother 13 live eviction show for Week 5, which I shall recap. I also have spoilers for who won the HOH competition which occurred well after the live TV broadcast. As a set-up, Kalia was HOH for Week 5 and had put Rachel and Jeff up for nomination. Jeff won the POV used his veto power to remove himself from the chopping block. Kalia replaced Jeff with Lawon. Here is how that all went down.

big brother 13 live eviction show

Host Julie Chen kept busy during the Big Brother 13 Live Eviction show last night. Image Credit: Apega /

Kalia was put under pressure by Jeff, Jordan and even Rachel, thanks to the new twist Julie Chen mentioned last week. That whoever was evicted this week might return to the game. The three veterans threatened Kalia that they would come after her and Danielle if they returned to the House and won HOH. Once Jeff won the POV, the pressure intensified on Kalia to replace Jeff with a ′floater.′ After discussions with Danielle and others, Kalia was leaning towards doing just that.

Then Lawon volunteered to replace Jeff. In fact, he hoped to be the one evicted! Lawon somehow got it into his head that if he was evicted and returned to the game, he would have some special power. Who knows how he came to conclude this, but that was his thinking. Only Kalia and Danielle knew he volunteered to be evicted, so he pretended to be shocked and angry when he did replace Jeff at the POV ceremony. Shelly and others, however, were not buying it. They suspected some sort of deal had been cut.

Another deal emerged as JeJo and Rachel cut separate deals with Kalia to let her and Danielle slide next week if they survived this week. All was going well until Rachel blabbed about her chat with Kalia. Word got back to Kalia and Danielle through Shelly. The idea of keeping Rachel around appeared to be tossed away. But when the live voting occurred last night, Lawon was sent packing unanimously, 6 to 0.

Julie Chen then informed the House Guests the full nature of the new twist. Lawon would have to battle against one of the first four evicted House Guests, Keith, Cassi, Dominic or Brendon. Over two million votes were cast by America to select whom of the four would get a chance to return. With over a million votes, Brendon was selected! Dominic was a close second with hardly anybody voting for Keith or Cassi.

The competition event was live on TV and consisted of some 150 mini-basketballs with the names of each player on them. Each House Guest had a unique color, too. The object was for Brendon and Lawon to gather one of each and them roll the balls up a ramp into a small hole. The first one with all 14 balls would win. If neither achieved that, then whoever scored the first ball would win. Brendon did both. He got the first ball and led all the way getting one of each with about 30 seconds to spare. Needless to say, Rachel was ecstatic having Brendon back in the house. Now it is time for the HOH Spoilers…

Since the live feed was shut off, I do not know what the competition was. However, once the cameras were turned back on, we do know who won the HOH competition. It was Danielle! So she will be HOH for Week 6 and will decide whom to nominate. Will Rachel and Brendon go back up on the block? Or will Danielle go after Adam, Shelly or Porsche, the remaining floaters? Perhaps Jeff and Jordan will be the new targets? That wraps up another edition of the Big Brother 13 live eviction recap. Stay tuned for more updates.


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