Most Expensive Celebrity Purchases: A Gold iPhone, Train Sets, Jets & More!

August 12, 2011

The most expensive celebrity purchases? You won’t believe what some of these celebs have bought over the years, and we’ve got a list of some of these extreme items for you below. No expense spared when it comes to the rich and famous!

Victoria Beckham

We all know that Posh and Becks lead an extravagant lifestyle. So really it’s no surprise that Vic has a 24 karat gold iPhone 4. Yep, the Stuart Hughes custom designed phone is worth $35,000 and boasts 150 grams of 24k gold. Wowzers. She was spotted earlier this year at JFK airport rockin’ the classy cell and who do you think was on her home screen? Why, her hottie of a hubby. Shirtless, of course! Maybe little Harper has home screen duties now.

Mike Tyson

Former boxer Mike Tyson has had his fair share of financial woes, and guessing by the way he spent money so frivolously, it’s no surprise. His most ridiculous purchase? The $2 million bathtub he bought for his first wife, Robin Givens. $2 million?? WTF?

Steven Spielberg

Director Steven Spielberg paid $60,500 for a Rosebud sled featured in the Orson Welles film, Citizen Kane. The purchase, made in 1982, was at the time the most expensive piece of film memorabilia ever bought.

Chad Ochocinco

Last year on his birthday, the outspoken Chad Ochocinco treated himself to a big ticket item. What was it? A $100,000 semi truck. Remember that? Ridiculous!

Paris Hilton

Ahhh, Paris Hilton. What obnoxious item has the socialite purchased recently? One in particular has many tails wagging. Her dogs live in a luxurious mini mansion, a replica of her own home. The 300 square foot doghouse is reportedly worth $325,000.

Mark Cuban

When Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban bought a Gulfstream V via the internet in 1999, the controversial NBA owner earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. How? With a $40 million price tag on the jet, it was deemed the most expensive e-commerce purchase ever. In addition to the Gulstream V, he owns two other private jets, a Boeing 757 and a Boeing 767.


Jay-Z has himself one generous wife. A rich one to boot as well. For his 41st birthday last December, Knowles presented the hip hop mogul with a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. The car that goes from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds cost the Single Ladies singer a cool $2 million. Nothing but the best for her hubby, eh?

Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas likes to spend money, people. Last year during his court battle with his ex, Laura Govan, court documents revealed some of the expensive toys he bought for his kids – a $60,000 train set, an $8,000 Mercedes toy electric car and shopping sprees at FAO Schwartz to the tune of $30,000 to $40,000. Way to spoil ‘em. I won’t even go into how much he pays a month to maintain his home. Okay, $100,000 on landscaping? And I thought paying $150 a month for our landscapers was a bit pricey, ha!

So there you have it, folks. Just a few of the most expensive celebrity purchases. What do you think of all this excess?

Photos: M. Barraza/JLN Photography/Carrie Devorah

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