True Blood Renewed For Season 5! What Can We Expect?

August 11, 2011

Of course True Blood was just renewed for season five but what can we expect in the 2012 season?

true blood season 4

So far this season is rocking. We have some evil witches taking over, Bill is now King, and Eric has lost his memory, giving him the opportunity to hook up with Sookie. (Loved it when he called her Snookie BTW)
But we have seen witches, werewolves, shifters, maenads and more, so what can possibly be next?

I think that there will be a Sookie and Alcide hookup before she goes back to Bill. Jessica needs to do something different cause I am not feeling her plot line.

I definitely want to see how Eric turned Pam, this is LONG overdue, but I also want fewer plot lines. I am tired if introducing so many plot lines. Ones I can live without this season:

Sam and Luna – who cares? She’s hot yeah, but it is boring. Sam and Tara were better.
The baby plot line – ya’ll know this is just f-ing with me and I can’t take it anymore. For real, leave the babies out of it!
Jason and Crystal – this is so farfetched, and she is so stupid that I sometimes wish I fast forwarded through this whole plot line. We need to give Jason something to do, something to invest in, cause after four seasons, im not invested in him.

Bring back more Godric. I don’t know why but I love him and I need more! Show more of him and Eric traveling the world together, what it was like, and how Godric got to be so damn calm. (Eric needs to take a few tips)

And I want to know more about the fairies. Is Jason part fairy? Why doesn’t he have the fairy blood? This is just weird.

I am so glad we are getting more, I just hope they deliver!

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