VIDEO: Did Cops Let The Situation Slide & Other News

August 11, 2011

The Situation was caught on video cruising around Jersey in his epic red Ferrari when an officer apparently took issue with two girls who were sharing the front passenger seat. Watch the clip below…

The Situation

Riding in a high powered sports car without a seatbelt is stupid as it is, but lap riding is on another level entirely. The video shows what appears to be a star struck officer who is more worried about an autograph than public safety.

What irks me is that “Sitch” is really not that big of a deal. The guy has a few seasons of a reality show under his belt (along with some red bumps, I’m sure). Yes, Jersey Shore is huge right now, but would you risk your job for his sloppy signature on a crumpled pad of paper?

Either way, now the police chief is pissed – TMZ.

Hey, having red hair isn’t such a bad thing… here are a few celebs who pull it off nicely – All Women’s Talk.

Is anyone actually surprised that True Blood was renewed for another season? – I Need My Fix.

Of course Will Smith has an insanely huge house in Malibu – Diva Artist.

I guess it’s pretty strange for a woman to write a book about her age, but not for Kirstie Alley – Celebrity Senior Laundry.

This vacation that Rihanna is on has brought out some bizarre outfits, eh? – Lickable Celebs.

This picture really confirms for me that Snooki is become a big celeb – Swanky Celebs.

Remember the nerdy gay guy from the Rachel Zoe Project? I guess he is trying to be an author now – Busy Bee Blogger.

Finally one of Arnie’s kids is dishing about their parent’s divorce – Celebrity Smack!


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