Twilight’s Kiowa Gordon Busted for DUI

August 10, 2011

Kiowa Gordon of Twilight fame, was bust for a DUI and outstanding warrant in Arizona the other day.

Kiowa Gordon

The 21 year old actor who is most famous for playing Embry Call, one of Taylor Lautner’s werewolf pals, in the Twilight movies was pulled over in Arizona on suspicion of drunk driving. According to TMZ during the arrest the cops discovered that Kiowa had a warrant out for his arrest. He apparently failed to appear in court back February 2010 for charges stemming from possession of drug paraphernalia and supplying alcohol to minors.

It turns out that Gordon has been through a couple of other cases that have involved drugs and alcohol. Looks to me like perhaps someone might have a problem and someone close to him just might want to get him some help before he ends up like Lindsay Lohan. As far as we know he is being held in Mesa, Arizona on $1,000 bond.

I am so not into the whole Twilight thing so in all honesty I really have no idea who the heck this guys is but that isn’t going to stop me from giving my two cents on this topic. What the heck is wrong with this kid? You are trying to have an acting career yet you can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Having the Twilight films on your resume is a pretty darn good thing for an up and coming actor, being in trouble all the time is not. Here is hoping that Kiowa gets his crap together before it is too late for him and his career. I realize he is young and probably making good money so to go wild might seem a little natural, I get that but it doesn’t make his actions right.

Ok I know enough preachy preachy stuff from me. I have had my say now it is time to tell me yours.

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