Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Arrested Again

August 9, 2011

Teen Mom 2 train wreck Jenelle Evans has been arrested yet again. This girl just can’t seem to get her crap together.

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What exactly did the reality TV star do this time to land herself behind bars? Well it seems she violated her probation, according to E! online, anyway. Turns out that during a routine visit with her probation officer a random drug test was performed and the 19 year old tested positive for marijuana and opiates. Obviously that is a big no no when you are on probation, so the teen was taken to jail where the above mug shot was taken. She is getting to be a pro at mug shots huh? Evans will have to appear back in court on August 24th to face these latest charges against her.

Really Jenelle aren’t you having enough problems without being dumb enough to violate your probation. It has been a quite a year for the young mom. From a front yard brawl caught on video tape to landing on probation for 12 months thanks to drugs to doing a stint in rehab, which clearly did not work, it has been one thing after another for Evans. Yes it has been a banner year for Jenelle and it makes me want to know who in the heck is guiding this girl. She is one freaking hot mess, who if you ask me is in desperate need of some help. Jace’s mom hasn’t even been on probation for six months. It is so sad because she isn’t just screwing up her life she is screwing up her son’s as well. First Amber Portwood now Jenelle. Way to go MTV for exploiting these girls and giving them the money that makes them feel they can do whatever the heck they want.

I could go on and on about this. I will shut up now so you can all speak your mind.

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One Response to “Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Arrested Again”

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    WoeFatCat Says:

    Yes, MTV is to blame.