Interview with Teen Spirit’s Cassie Scerbo

August 8, 2011

If you missed the premiere of the new ABC Family original movie Teen Spirit then not only did you miss an awesome flick but you missed the wonderfully Cassie Scerbo in action.

Cassie Scerbo

I was lucky enough last week to get the chance to interview Cassie in a Q&A session and let me say she is fantastic. Most of you probably know her from her role as Lauren Tanner on Make It or Break It, which also airs on ABC Family. However I am here to tell you this girl is so beyond talented and is taking Hollywood by storm, so you better remember her name.

Although I learned many things about Scerbo, which I of course will be sharing with you, here are a couple of questions I got to ask her specifically.

Rachelle: How did you get involved in acting?
Cassie: That’s my favorite question because it’s like the only one I don’t have an answer to. I literally could talk forever when people ask me questions because I’m Italian, from New York. It’s my personality. I can go on and on but this is the one thing I don’t have an answer for. There was never a moment in time where I was like, oh, I want to be like her, or you know what? I want to try out acting. I literally was born just a natural performer. My parents laughed, they were like, before you could even talk you were dancing and singing. I’d make up little dances and I’d perform them for my family. I’d make up skits with my friends and perform. I just love performing. I love making people happy. I love being a positive influence in people’s lives. So I started at Charm School when I was eight because I just wanted to do it for fun. They have these little “Academy Awards” at the end of the year, I won “Best Actress” and I was so excited about it. I won it the second year I was there, I wouldn’t leave until I won it. Then I just kind of went from there. Soon came the agents and managers and then I had a screen test for Hannah Montana, the original one. It was actually between me and a totally different girl, not Miley. Everything happens for a reason and that just wasn’t meant for me. I’m really happy where I am now in a drama, because that’s where my heart’s at. In general, I have always, since I was little, wanted to do this, and I’m loving it.

Rachelle: How would you describe Teen Spirit to someone who had never heard of it in order to get them to tune into it?
Cassie: I think it’s a really good dynamic. You have two complete opposite girls, yet at the end of the day,they wind up realizing that doesn’t matter, especially physical appearance. These girls had so much in common and wind up getting really close and bonding. There are so many different morals in it, to not judge a book by its cover for example. You never know who’s going to change your life and in this movie you definitely see that. Never would I think that Lisa would be the girl to do that and never would Lisa think that Amber would be the girl to do that. They wind up becoming friends that have truly changed each others lives and share this beyond special bond. I think the cool aspect is that Amber is not alive. She’s a spirit which is really different. It’s something I don’t think ABC Family’s ever had. Well, I think they did do one movie that was kind of like that with Christmas Cupid or something but this one’s completely different. I really like the fact that in this whole film, we have all these special effects and I’m jumping inside her body. The movie has everything. There’s fashion,there’s music, Lindsey sing’s in the film, there is a cute boy in Chris Zylka so there’s something for everyone. It’s hilarious yet it has touching moments. I really, truly believe people are going to love it.

Rachelle: What is going on with Make It or Break It? When can we expect Season 3?
Cassie: That’s an answer that I would like to know. We’ve been on hiatus now for awhile. It’s been great because we got to do different things and live our lives a bit. But I want to get back into it and we don’t know yet. Like I said, they’re saying that everything seems like it’s good like we’re definitely going for a third season. But we don’t know for sure if it’s even getting picked up. We’re kind of just crossing our fingers right now and hoping for the best. If it comes back, we’ll probably start shooting, I would say in October/November and it would probably come back in January. But again we don’t know for sure yet. So we’re still waiting as well. If it goes, it would be our Olympic season. It would be the best season yet, the grittiest, the most intense.

Seriously Scerbo was awesome to talk to, she was so open and quite the little chatterbox, which I loved. She shared how she got involved with Teen Spirit, which was thanks to the cool twist of the film, the fact she got to play a dead mean girl/prom queen and the title itself all drew her in. It was a fun role but a bit challenging for the actress because she was not allowed to touch anyone. There was a lot of green screen and special effects. Cassie called the cast great and you could so tell that she enjoyed working with them all, especially Lindsey Shaw who played Lisa in the movie.

Before the interview ended Cassie shared a couple of personal things with us. She would love to work with Michael Pitts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Ashley Judd and of course Robert Pattinson. She is a total Team Edward fan. The now black haired beauty, yes her blonde locks are gone for now, revealed that when she has down time she loves to spend it with family and friends. Well that and surfing, which is her new hobby that she is loving, plus the girl loves to do some boxing in her spare time.

I honestly cannot say enough good things about the super talented and adorable Cassie Scerbo. She is a wonderful young actress who I expect to see lighting up the small and big screen for many years to come. For those of you who missed Teen Spirit, ABC Family will air it again soon, so check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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