Big Brother 13 Nomination Recap and Week 5 POV Spoilers

August 8, 2011

We begin the Big Brother 13 nomination recap, along with some Week 5 POV spoilers, recalling events since Thursday night. Brendon was evicted from the house by a vote of 5 to 2, with only Rachel and Porsche casting votes to boot Jordan instead. Julie Chen informed the House Gerbils that the next person to be evicted may return to the game. During the HOH competition, semi-floater Kalia won, being the first newbie to be HOH. This made veteran Danielle happy, as she now hopes to use Kalia to get rid of either Rachel or Jeff.

big brother 13 nominations week 5
On Week 5 of Big Brother 13, Jeff is nominated, along with Rachel, for eviction by Kalia. Image Credit: Nikki Nelson /

So Rachel is very unhappy with Brendon gone as she wallows in the Have-Not room weeping her eyes out. Porsche enters first to console here, followed by Jordan. Jordan asks Porsche for privacy with Rachel, so she leaves and Jordan tells Rachel not to trust Porsche. For some reason, Jordan and Jeff are blaming Porsche for pitting Jeff against Shelly in the HOH competition, where Shelly defeated him. Jeff arrives in the Have-Not room and also pitches this conspiracy theory. He believes that Kalia will most likely put Rachel and he on the chopping block. Jeff also raises the new twist about returning after being evicted. This helps buck up Rachel′s spirit and gets her into fighting mode.

Danielle and Kalia discuss putting Rachel and Jeff up. She advises Kalia not to tell anybody her plans until she hears from everybody. Rachel visits the HOH room to chat privately with Kalia, so Danielle leaves. Rachel admits they are not friends, but feigns respect and offers a deal to Kalia, suggesting that she put some of the floaters, like Adam or Lawon, up for nomination instead. Kalia appreciates the offer and advice but remains uncommitted. After Rachel leaves, Kalia does see an advantage in siding with stronger players who know what they are doing. Others then put in their two-cents with Kalia. The general feeling in the House is to nominate Rachel and Jeff.

Time for the Have / Have-Not competition. The House Gerbils are divided into two teams and will go head-to-head at BB′s Lounge, mixing bizarre drinks using three ingredients. Teams must guess more correct ingredients to win each round. Win two of three rounds and that team will be Haves for the week. Any ties are resolved by a ′chug-off′ where they race to down a tall glass of the yukky drinks. Jeff and Lawon are up first and they tie, but Jeff won the chug-off. Porsche beat Shelly 2 to 1, which tied the game with each team winning one round. So it all came down to Jordan versus Danielle. They tied with one correct ingredient each. During the chug-off, Jordan almost threw up, handing Danielle the victory. So Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Shelly are Have-Nots for the week. America′s Choice is allowing them to eat coconuts and catfish in addition to slop.

Jordan is very frustrated. The floaters are in control of the game this week. Jeff tries to console her. Meanwhile, Shelly tries to strike an alliance with Kalia and Danielle for Final 3. Jeff and Jordan pay Kalia a visit, where Kalia tells them that she would like to put Jeff up to ensure Rachel goes home. JeJo are not happy. Jordan unloads on Kalia about allowing floaters to run the house. Jeff vows to target Kalia should he survive or return after being evicted. So when nomination time arrives, Kalia does indeed put Rachel and Jeff up on the chopping block. Now, it is time for some spoilers.

So following our Big Brother 13 nomination recap for Week 5, here are the POV spoilers. Jeff won the Power of Veto! He clearly intends to take himself off the chopping block. Little minx Shelly is busy playing everybody. She talks with Kalia and suggests they align themselves with Jeff, Jordan and Rachel and put Adam or Lawon up. Shelly tells Adam that Kalia may put him on the block to replace Jeff. Lawon talks with Kalia and seems happy about being put on the block. He would cause trouble and get everybody mad at him knowing full well that the votes would still come down to booting Rachel.


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