ABC Confirms Desperate Housewives Will End In May!

August 7, 2011

It is official after eight years Desperate Housewives will come to end in May. ABC confirmed the news today.

Desperate Housewives

Yes my friends there is a limited amount of time left that you will be able to spend with those ladies of Wisteria lane. The ending of the ABC hit show shouldn’t really surprise anyone, after all talks of it ending its successful run have been running ramped for sometime now.

The decision to cancel the hit show was a combined one between the powers that be at the network and show creator Marc Cherry, along with declining ratings and the desire to go out while still on top. Cherry has made it no secret that he didn’t want one of his shows to out stay its welcome so to speak.

Fans of Desperate Housewives, like me, will no doubt be sad to see the show go, however we still have one more year of the Gabby, Lynette, Susan and Bree to entertain us. If you recall the show ended last year with the four friends covering up the murder of Gabby’s evil stepfather, who was offed by Carlos. There is no doubt that is going to have a serious impact on the friends.

I am a fan of this show that like so many shows has gone through good and bad times. That being said I agree it is time to pack things up. It has definitely run its course, which isn’t to say it is a bad show now because I still think it is a pretty good show. However I think Mr. Cherry is very smart to end it now. Those are my thoughts on the ending of Desperate Housewives, as always I want to know what your thoughts about this hot topic, so come on spill it my friends!

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One Response to “ABC Confirms Desperate Housewives Will End In May!”

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    OST Says:

    I’m really bummed about this. It’s one of the few shows I watch faithfully