Big Brother 13 Live Eviction Recap – Brendon Out, Rachel Next

August 5, 2011

We begin this week′s Big Brother 13 live eviction recap by setting the stage with events leading up to Thursday night′s TV show. As we last left the House Gerbils, Brendon had used the Power of Veto to save his beloved Rachel, and remaining in the hot seat himself. Danielle, this week′s HOH, replaced Rachel with Jordan, using her as a pawn to evict Brendon. Most of the house is happy that Brendon is still on the chopping block, especially Danielle and her gal-pal, Kalia.

big brother eviction recap
Jordan survives her trip to the chopping block as Brendon is evicted. Will Rachel be the next one gone? Image Credit: Nikki Nelson /

Danielle figures she has Kalia, Jeff and Lawon′s votes wrapped up, needing only one more to ensure Brendon going home. Needless to say, Brendon and Rachel have begun working on rallying their allies, Porsche and Shelly, plus offer Adam a deal for his vote to boot Jordan instead. Porsche is on board with Team Brenchel, but Shelly and Adam are on the fence.

Danielle tries to flip Porsche. While chatting with her in the HOH room, Porsche pretty much lets Danielle know that she′ll be supporting Brendon. But then Rachel walks in and sees Porsche talking with Dani. As usual, Rachel makes a snide remark and then quickly exits. Shortly later, Porsche talks with Rachel to assure her of her loyalty. Porsche advises Rachel to not act so sad around everybody as it doesn’t help her case. This pushes Rachel over the edge and she throws a temper tantrum which Brendon has to deal with. Porsche walks away thinking there is little she can do to help Rachel anymore.

We get treated to a segment of Dick Donato, Danielle′s father, as he gives his views on his daughter′s game play. Dick is not very impressed. He thinks Danielle acted too quickly in going after Jeff and Brendon. That she should have nominated more newbies to whittle them down to a manageable level. He also was not pleased with her flirting up with Dominic. Dick doubts Danielle will go the distance. During the pre-vote private chat with Julie Chen, Danielle says she thinks her father would be proud of her gaming strategy.

So it’s finally time for the vote. Only Rachel and Porsche vote to evict Jordan, the rest Brendon packing, 5 to 2. Brendon tells Rachel as he leaves to win HOH for him. After his post-eviction chat with Julie Chen, Julie announces to the House Gerbils that there is a new twist. That the very next person evicted may return. What Julie doesn’t mention, except to us viewers, is that the first four evictees, including Brendon, will compete with next week′s boot for a shot at returning to the house. America will vote and choose which of the four it will be.

Finally, we have the last item of the week′s Big Brother 13 live eviction show, the HOH competition. Two House Guests go head-to-head answering a question about the first three evictees. Ring in first with the right answer and not only do you stay in the game, but you also get to pick the next two opponents. Kalia does well and keeps putting Rachel up, who survives at first. But then Rachel jumped the gun, ringing in a wrong answer before the whole question was read. It comes down to Kalia versus Shelly with Kalia winning HOH, the first newbie to have the honor. So it is easy to guess that she will nominate Rachel, and probably Porsche, for eviction. With five newbies and just four veterans in the house, the game has now changed and we will see if the veterans can survive much longer.


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