Interview with Sasha Roiz of Warehouse 13

August 3, 2011

The hit SyFy show Warehouse 13 has a new mystery man Marcus Diamond, who is played by the extremely talented Sasha Roiz. If you have seen him on the show you know he rocks as the bad guy who is making us all wondering what he is up to.

Sasha Roiz

Recently I was involved in a Q&A interview session with Sasha. I have to say I really didn’t know that much about him before the interview but I am pleased to say he is awesome. Most of you probably remember him from his days on Caprica but let me tell you he is going to make some waves on Warehouse 13. Plus he has a new show on NBC coming out this fall and he filled us in on both.

Obviously things started off talking about the character of Marcus, who he described as focused, and exacting, and complex. There was a lot that Roiz couldn’t reveal about his alter ego although he did say the guy is a force that is working against the Warehouse this season. Translation, he is going to cause some trouble for the Warehouse 13 gang, it is a dark role for sure. However we as viewers will just have to see how the character and storyline unfolds because as I said Sasha was pretty tight lipped about it. He did share that Marcus is in a number of episodes, so this is clearly an ongoing storyline which I love. Since he is playing a villain it was only natural that Roiz tells his favorite villain who just so happens to be Jack Nicholson’s Joker. Sasha made it pretty clear that he had a great time working on the show which made it very memorable for him. The cast was one of the reasons he took the job, he knew them from previous SyFy events.

Sasha had some great insight into the show, including why he thinks it is such a hit. Simply put it is a really good, well executed show. It’s a perfect sort of blend of drama and comedy. Plus there are these self-contained episodes that for the most part kind of are completed at the end of the episode with these really nice character arcs that sweep through the season. He is right they have a great formula on Warehouse 13 and that is why I keep tuning in each week.

Before we dive into what Roiz told us about his upcoming NBC show, Grimm, let me share with you what we talked about in our one on one chat.

Rachelle: My first question is how did you get involved in acting?
Sasha: I got involved a little late actually. I kind enrolled in theater school I think when I was close to 25. I played in a band for a few years, much to the chagrin of my father. And then, I got involved in acting. I think it’s something I always wanted to do but wasn’t quite prepared to until later. I did a few years at theater school and just kind of started out in Canada and worked my way into Los Angeles, and it’s kind of been falling into place recently. So I think it was the right choice for me.

Rachelle: Do you have a dream role that you would love to play?
Sasha: I think I’d like to play a period piece and things that allow me to go into the past. I like the aesthetic of certain time and place, it’s a lot of fun for me to just get dressed up and go into the past a bit. But anything from kind of that mobster thing that I did with Sam Adams to being able to play something in Roman or Greek times. Those great movies that they’re making like The 300 type films, I really love those and I think I’d enjoy wielding a sword at some point soon.

Rachelle: How hard or easy was it for you to sort of just fit right in with the cast of Warehouse 13?
Sasha: Well, it was remarkably easy and it says a lot about the cast.They make huge efforts in accommodating and welcoming new characters and actors to the set.That’s something that I very much appreciate, especially when you’re guest starting. You don’t have a lot of time to get warmed up and find your place and your footing, so they were very gracious with me. It was much appreciated.

Seriously what an awesome guy to talk to, he certainly has a new fan in me. That means I will of course be checking out the show Grimm this fall, especially now that Sasha dished a little on it. The show premieres October 21st and the actor reports to work very soon. It is executive produced by the guys who brought you Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, so you know it is going to be killer. Along with a great cast, Roiz said it is really the first time fans will see police procedural mixed with a fairytale setting. I am not really sure what that means but I learned the show is very dark and scary at times as well. Sasha plays a cop, Chief of Police to be exact, with a lot of layers. Again he didn’t give too much away but he did call the show very grand in nature. I must say I am very intrigued.

It was really a pleasure to get the chance to be a part of an interview with Sasha Roiz. If you haven’t checked him out on Warehouse 13 I highly recommend you do. He is great and the storyline will keep you wondering.

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    Piotr Says:

    I recommend this to anyone, sci-fi fans or not. It has adventure, humour, no bad language, nothing too risqué for the kids but a strong enough storyline to keep the adults on board as well as the kids.