Matt Damon Defends Teachers In Heated Confrontation With Reporter (Video)

August 2, 2011

It is rare to see Matt Damon go off on anyone but a very aggressive reporter pushed his buttons the other day and holy moly it was on.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is not only known for his killer acting abilities but also his charitable work and political opinions. He also generally seems to be an outgoing, friendly, laid back guy but even the lovely Damon has his limits. While attending The Save Our Schools March in Washington D.C. a not so smart reporter saw a different side to Matt and I have to say he was 100% right to call this chick out.

Here is the lowdown of what you will see in the must see below video. A female reporter is interviewing Damon and basically said that teachers are only motivated by tenure and job security. This comment did not sit well at all with Matt, who I have to say held his composure very well as he confronted the reporter. I am not going to reiterate his whole speech because it is his and you should hear it all from him. If that wasn’t enough apparently there was some not so smart cameraman man nearby who decided that was the appropriate time to say to Matt “Aren’t 10% of all teachers bad?’ Not really the best time to say that sort of thing to the actor who then replied “Maybe you’re a sh&#%ty camera man?” Definitely not the Matt Damon we all know and love but I think it rules that he stands up for teachers like that. In case you were not aware his mom is a teacher.

I guess we all now know how to make Damon mad, although I don’t know why you would want to. That is what I have to say on this topic let me know what you think and enjoy the video.

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One Response to “Matt Damon Defends Teachers In Heated Confrontation With Reporter (Video)”

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    jo Says:

    Damon is a moron.