Keith Urban Accused Of Attacking Paparazzo

August 1, 2011

A paparazzo by the name of Willem Pieterson has accused Australian country singer Keith Urban of going on the attack. Get the latest here on Urban’s run in last Wednesday in Nashville.

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Out and about having dinner with his actress wife, Nicole Kidman, in Nashville, Tennessee last Wednesday, Keith Urban allegedly became angry after a photographer, Willem Pieterson, began snapping pictures of the two celebrities as they were leaving a restaurant by the name of Giovanni’s.

In a statement issued by Don Aaron of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department to Gossip Cop, Urban (per Pieterson’s filed report) got into his car with Nicole Kidman and then proceeded to pull up to the photographer’s “vehicle in the wrong lane. Pieterson alleges that Urban yelled at him, and banged on his window” before getting out and then banging on Pieterson’s “car with his fist and kicked the rear passenger door.”

The Nashville Police did however check out the paparazzi’s car and “observed that it was not damaged.” After reportedly going crazy on Pieterson’s vehicle you would think there would be some visible marks? After looking into the matter though it seems the authorities are now labeling it as an incident that “bears the classification of intimidation.” They now plan to follow up on the complaint and will reportedly question the forty-three year old songwriter. No one was hurt during the run in. Members of Urban’s camp or the singer himself has yet to issue a statement.

Urban and Kidman have been spending a lot of time recently in Nashville. The actress is filming her new movie ‘Stoker’ in between spending time with her husband and their girls. Will anything come of the photographer’s reported account and run in with the famous star? Do you believe that Urban went on the attack and damaged his car? Give us your thoughts below.

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Credit: Judy Eddy/Sarah Mayes/WENN

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