Casey Anthony Ordered Back To Florida To Serve Probation

August 1, 2011

Casey Anthony has been ordered back to Orlando, Florida in order to serve a one year probation term stemming from her guilty plea to six counts of check fraud back in January of last year. She had stolen checks from a friend, Amy Huzienga, then went on a shopping spree to the tune of $650. She was charged with 13 counts of fraud, but made a deal with prosecutors and plead guilty to six of the charges. The judge who heard the fraud case handed her a sentence of one year probation, which at the time he said she would need to fulfill if she was ever set free. How did officials let her leave the state of Florida once she was released from jail on July 17th following her acquittal of murder?

Casey Anthony

Probation officers erroneously thought her probation was served during her stint in jail. A new order was amended and signed by Judge Stan Strickland this morning, ordering Casey Anthony to report to a probation office in Orlando within 72 hours. He wanted to make it clear that her probation was to be served ‘upon release’. Anthony went into hiding after her release from Orange County jail on July 17th, following her acquittal of murder in connection with the death of her daughter, Caylee. Her days of remaining virtually unseen are now over.

Anthony’s attorneys have been in talks with the Department of Corrections and a spokeswoman for the Department said, “We are moving forward to make sure she is following the judge’s orders. We are working with her attorneys to move the process forward.”

Casey Anthony’s team of lawyers undoubtedly will argue against this latest decision, maintaining she has already served probation while in jail. They reportedly will also insist that Anthony’s safety is at stake if she were to show up in Orange County.

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