Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Are Broke!

August 1, 2011

Well isn’t karma a biotch! It looks like famewhores Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are broke and that isn’t even the best part.

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It seems like only yesterday that Heidi and Spencer were spreading their evilness all throughout The Hills. Fast forward a couple of years and now the couple known as Speidy is broke! If that wasn’t bad enough they are in such dire straits they have moved in with Spencer’s parents. Don’t feel too bad for them though his parents live in a beach house in Santa Barbara, so it isn’t like they are living in a shack.

The couple recently admitted to The Daily Beast that they have regrets, namely for thinking that their reality TV fame would last forever, insert a duh here if you want, I did. They also regret damaging relationships with friends and family by being so evil and pulling stunts strictly for publicity reasons, yep that divorce was as fake as Heidi’s entire body. Oh they also regret becoming the characters they played on the show, whatever that means.

Some may feel bad for these two but not me. I don’t care what kind of character you thought you were playing in real life they were both class A- jerks who thought they would be in the spotlight forever with their ridiculous shenanigans. Now penniless and unemployable, I mean really who would hire either of these two yahoos, they are trying to ease their way back into some sort of spotlight by gaining sympathy from the public. I call B.S.! I personally think what comes around goes around and these two are getting exactly what they deserve. They made a ton of money off of MTV and blew it all, idiots. Anyone with a half a brain knows that clearly unless you are a Kardashian you will not be famous forever because of reality TV. It will only be a matter of time before something better comes along. Ugh the stupidity of these two.

I could seriously rant on and on about this but you get my point of view. Now let me know what you think about this latest news involving Montag and Pratt.

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