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August 1, 2011

Raven-Symoné has been a household name since she was three years old. The all grown up beauty is back on the small screen with the new show State of Georgia.

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I recently got the chance to participate in a Q&A interview session with Raven where we got to chat about the new show, staying grounded in Hollywood and well the actress herself. It was beyond an honor to get to interview Raven, who I have been a huge fan of since she debuted as Olivia on The Cosby Show all those years ago.

The main focus of the talk was on her show State of Georgia. She described it as a show about a young lady who moves to New York with her best friend, into her Aunt’s condo and she wants to become famous. It’s basically the trials and tribulations of these two girls having a great time in New York, taking odd jobs here and there, trying to find their way, while having that down South vibe to them. If you haven’t yet checked it out you definitely should, it is hysterical. Raven’s favorite thing about the show is getting to work with co-stars Majandra Delfino and Loretta Devine, who she says are not only amazing but that she is learning so much from them as well.

When talking about the character of Georgia, Raven described her as strong-willed individual, that can be flighty at times but at the same time she is very gallant. One characteristic trait about her alter ego that Raven tends to look for when accepting a role is that Georgia knows that her core is the passing moment. The actress feels it is very important for females to stay confident and to go off and venture into the world but to come back knowing that you have family to come back to. I agree completely, in fact one thing Symoné and I have in common is that we believe you have to venture so you don’t get stuck, kind of cool to have that in common I thought.

I was one of the lucky ones who actually got the chance to ask Raven some one on one questions.

Rachelle: What was it specifically about Georgia that made you want to play her?
Raven: I think she’s a great character. She goes in line with the other characters that I’ve played before. She is probably a good mold of what this generation is but will never be able to get famous super quick over Twitter. Before this role came to my attention I had already sold the pilot to ABC Family with another writer, and while that was in the works, they came to me and said, “Well, we have a pilot ready to go, we think that you would like it.” I read it and I said, “Sure, you never know: this might go, it might not go,” just more fires out there the better. We got a wonderful cast and here we are.

Rachelle: Do you have any desire to do anything else, or is acting it for you?
Raven: I have a lot of desires to do other things but I have to finish this part. I’m going to work on other things as well while I continue the show though.

Once we got through talking about the show it was on to learning more about this talented young lady who has gone from child star to bona fide leading lady. Raven attributes being able to stay so grounded over the years to keeping her friends and family close to her, clearly it has worked. After being in acting all those years you are bound to have some achievements that make you proud, well the State of Georgia star says hers is her semi-sanity. It isn’t the glitz and the glamor that really drives her but the fact that she gets the thrill of making someone else laugh, or feel emotion. It is a selfless act and no matter what character she chooses Raven tries to make it about that, otherwise the girl will go crazy, her words.

All you aspiring actors and actresses out there, Raven’s advice to you is be professional and enjoy yourself, simple but true if you ask me. As for why you should tune into her brand new hit show, well so you can laugh and be happy, which you will, trust me the show is awesome.

It was a pleasure to get the chance to chat with the lovely Raven-Symoné, who by the way has her own guilty pleasure in the TV show Man vs. Food, love that show. You can see Raven every Wednesday at 8:30 PM EST on ABC Family!

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    Loved the interview, Rachelle! Hard to believe she’s all grown up now.