Big Brother 13 Nominations Recap plus POV Spoilers

August 1, 2011

Welcome to this week′s Big Brother 13 nominations recap from the Sunday night show, plus some bonus POV spoilers, too! As we last saw on Thursday night, the House Gerbils voted out Dominic by a vote of 7 to 1, with only Danielle supporting her boy-toy. After a rowdy week of plots, schemes and accusations, the powerful alliance of Rachel, Brendon, Jordan, Jeff, Porsche and Shelly have all come to realize that Danielle cannot be trusted. The two ′floaters′, Lawon and Kalia, voted along with the alliance, even though Lawon had been an ally of Dominic′s from Day One and Kalia has been chummy with Danielle.

big brother 13 nominations
Julie Chen continues to torment the House Gerbils as we look at more Big Brother 13 nomination recaps and spoilers. Image Credit: Apega /

Thursday night′s live show ended as the HOH competition began. Everyone except Rachel was poised on a shaky, moving perch, resembling skiing down a snowy mountain. Big Brother occasionally threw in blasts of wind and fake snow to further torment the House Gerbils. Julie Chen had also added one more twist to the event, the first five to fall off had to select a ′snowball′, which contained a ′prize′. One of which was $10,000 in cash!

Adam was first to fall and his snowball ′prize′ forces him to wear a Santa Elf costume all week. Lawon was next and his prize was the honor of being a Have-Not for the week. Brendon was next and also drew a Have-Not snowball. At this point, Jeff knew he was aching and figured he had a 50-50 shot at winning the $10,000, so he bailed out and did indeed win the only real prize. His girlfriend Jordan was next to fall, so she got stuck with the last Have-Not snowball.

This left Shelly, Porsche, Kalia and Danielle competing for HOH. Porsche lasted about an hour before she fell off. Shelly went at 1:26. Kalia decided that Danielle was no threat to her, so she bailed out ten minutes later and allowed Danielle to win HOH. Needless to say, this really ticked off Rachel, who was confident that she could have outlasted everybody had she played. So now the power alliance, which had been in full control of the game, now faces losing a member to eviction.

After celebrating a bit with Kalia, Danielle decides to have a private chat with Jordan. Dani tells her that she and Jeff are safe. Later, Jeff and Jordan, or JeJo, talk with Brendon and Rachel, a.k.a. Brenchel, about the new situation. Brendon stays positive, saying that they have to stick together, get through this week, then boot Danielle next week. They still have Shelly and Porsche on their side, so in effect, they still control the eviction voting.

Danielle shows off her HOH room but most are subdued. Only Lawon is excited as Danielle lets him wear the HOH bath robe. Later on, JeJo sneak up to the HOH room and talk with Danielle, who again promises not to put them on the chopping block in exchange for a promise that she will be safe next week. JeJo agrees. Adam gets his elf costume and rocks it out. The Have-Nots later learn that America has spoken and in addition to slop, they may snack on seaweed and sardines. Oh yummy!

Brenchel then pay a trip to the HOH room and try to cut a deal with Danielle. They offer her a worry-free week, but Danielle is coy and gives them nothing. So it is pretty obvious that Danielle is going to nominate them, and indeed she does. Naturally, Danielle says the choice is strategic, not personal. But Rachel doesn′t buy that as she thinks everything is personal. Brendon vows to win the POV competition and use it to take his beloved Rachel off the chopping block. Okay, ready for a POV Spoiler? If not, then leave NOW, because here it comes!

The POV competition pitted Danielle, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Adam and Porsche against each other, with Lawon as host. Since the live feed cameras are shut off during the competition, no details as to what is involved. However, the big news is Brendon won! Needless to say, this upsets Danielle, who wants Brendon out. She almost has her wish, until Rachel throws another temper tantrum after learning about the deal between JeJo and Danielle. Brendon tells her that she needs anxiety medication and reconsiders saving her with the Power of Veto. Brendon then tells JeJo that he is saving himself. Of course, Danielle hears about this, which now sets her to thinking about putting Jordan up against Rachel. Frankly, I don′t think that is a good idea, as Shelly and Porsche may boot Jordan off. Anyway you slice it, this will be an interesting and important week given the Big Brother 13 nominations for eviction. So stay tuned and catch more recaps and spoilers here!


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    Brooklyn Says:

    I kind of figure that Brendon was going to save Rachel because think about it, Rachel is a better player at this game then Brendon but Brendon is definitely the one with a level head. Dani got lucky this week and I do believe if Rachel could’ve competed, she would’ve won against Dani. I think all of the vets are completely capable and willing of getting the HOH next week. I can’t wait to see what happens Thursday night and sadly, I won’t be at home to watch it.