True Blood: I Wish I Was The Moon Recap

July 31, 2011

Tonight’s episode of True Blood definitely lived up to the previews and then some, and it looks like next weeks is even better! Let’s get to it!

true blood season 4

True Blood: ‘I Wish I Was The Moon’ aired tonight and it was awesome. We start off with Sookie and Eric getting it on. Almost. Bill and his freakin’ fangs come bursting in and ruin things. Bill takes Eric back to his house and Sookie and him go back and forth debating over whether Bill is upset that she was hookin’ up with Eric, or because he has been compromised and is a danger. Bill asks the AVL for Eric to receive the true death.

Eric is placed in a room with Pam whose face is falling off all nasty and gross. Pam gives Eric a reality check telling him he is a badass Viking and he listens to no one, and if anyone F’s with him he rips their head off and doesn’t think twice.

Meanwhile Arlene’s place burns to the ground, but some how baby Mikey and her kids make it out alive and okay. Arlene thinks it is the work of Rene.

Tommy turns into Sam while he is dealing with the houses that burned down. Tommy creates all kinds of problems, firing Sookie in a real nasty way, and having sex with Lana who he tells “you got what you came for now get out.” He pukes up some nasty shiz before turning back into himself and looking dead on the floor.

Lafayette and Jesus are at his grandfather’s house in Mexico and I am sketched out. Something more to this story than Jesus or Lafayette want to let on. His grandfather tells him to bring him a sacrifice which turns out to be a big rattlesnake that Jesus just “shhhs” and grabs. WTF???

Grandfather cuts his wrist and tells them that Marnie is looking for possession. Grandfather throws the snake at Jesus and it bites him. Grandfather runs out of there and Lafayette is possessed by Tio Luca who heals Jesus.

Sookie heads over to Jason’s house and he won’t come out of the room. She finds him handcuffed to the bed only to learn that he is gonna turn to a warepanther. Sookie vows to care for him, but when she goes to get him a beer he is gone. Jessica sense his fear (this is going to turn out bad later on I can tell) finds him, and clams him down. They talk for a while and he figures out he is not going to shift. Thank God. But they decide to keep their meeting secret from Hoyt.

That crazy witch woman from way back when now possesses Marnie, and the vampire that is watching goes to her, knowing she is possessed. He tells her she killed his maker he goes for her she puts her hand out and he falls to his knees. She pulls some serious mind control over this guy. Things are not looking good.

Bill is granted the true death request and he pulls Eric out. Eric says he does not expect mercy, but he has a request: he wants Bill to release Pam and to tell Sookie ‘he was born the night he met her and now he knows what love is.’ Eric tells Bill Sookie still cares for him and hopes they find their way back to each other once he is gone. Bill asks why Eric says because Sookie deserves happiness. Bill clearly wants to prove his love for Sookie because he lets Eric go. He finds Sookie in the woods and they finally seal the deal.

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