RHONJ: Christmas Recap

July 31, 2011

So I just watched the RHONJ Christmas episode and it was such a nice episode. Literally. For once, the drama was set aside and the ladies celebrated Jesus’ birthday with their families. And the camera crew.

teresa Guidice

In all seriousness though, it was a great episode. I do watch for the drama but it is also nice to see how others spend Christmas and really share that time, in some way, with people you watch on TV all the time. If I were doing reality, I am not sure I could let cameras in on such intimate family moments, but whatevs.

Basically we saw all the families celebrate. The Manzos got family bracelets with an infinity symbol, and went to see Alexis Ray Joel perform. She was incredible BTW. Absolutely amazing voice.

Kathy’s kids saved their allowance and bought their mom a laptop for her new business, and wrote her very touching letter. Those kids are raised right. Such sweeties.

Jacqueline’s kids got everything, and Ashley continued acting like a spoiled immature brat, not getting or making her parents anything. Saying she was too broke from all the money she spent on her car – that they help her get. How about some babysitting time so Jacqueline and Chris can go out? That kid is just rotten IMO.

Melissa was absolutely spoiled by Joe, and spoiled her kids as well. There is something so sweet about her, you just can’t help but like her. Never mind she is stunning.

And Teresa woke up with a full face of makeup and she and the kids managed to get Joe’s lazy butt to lay on the couch for their “small” Christmas that consisted of ipods, Mercedes powerwheels and more. I just have to get this off my chest, cause seeing net weeks preview upset me. And I f anyone knows where I can write in to Andy Cohen for the reunion, please do enlighten me. Teresa used to be one of my favorites. But she is clearly jealous of Melissa. And it is not Melissa’s fault. It is between Joe (her brother) and Teresa to work out. And if you really want the truth, Teresa‘s husband is to blame more than anyone. Don’t talk smack about family and make it hard for your wife to have a relationship with her brother.

Additionally, Teresa is in the wrong with her feud with Kathy. Kathy did in fact pull Teresa’s baby out of the fight at the christening. I think Teresa is just embarrassed that she had to even do that and she is now acting like a jerk. Teresa needs to grow up. Stop being so catty. Have some humble pie sweetheart.

Photos: www.wenn.com/Johnny Louis

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