Breaking Dawn Wedding Scene Details!

July 31, 2011

I am super amped about the Breaking Dawn movie so any little tid bits we get until its release have me freaking out. Ashley green and Kristen Stewart have shared a bit of their perspective and definitely have me dying for more!

breaking dawn

So you all know I am hoping we get to see another trailer at this years MTV VMA’s. In my opinion, for such a big movie, the first of the final two, I think they are not teasing us enough. I mean it hits theaters in November!

Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart both talked about the wedding scene, which is special to them, and fans alike.

Ashley, who plays vampire Alice Cullen, revealed to Ok! that,

“It was weird because she is one of my very good friends and even though it’s a movie, you feel like it’s real. You are acting so you are feeling these emotions, and she is my best friend in the movie so you are seeing your best friend walk down the aisle so it was kind of odd that get a little emotional.”

Kristen Stewart also gave a bit of her insight at this years comic con saying,

“I’d been ramping up to shoot that scene for four years (of Bella and Edward’s nuptials). They also put it at the end of filming, so I had to wait so long for it to happen. When I got to set I was just so nervous and terrified as I expected myself to be.”

It is going to be so hard to go and see part one and know that I have to wait another six months for part two. OMG I am going to go bananas! It better be worth the wait. The movies have come so far since the first one. Let’s admit it, the first one was complete cheese. They got better and better – still no comparison to the books though – so I expect Breaking Dawn to rock!


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