Casey Anthony’s Hustler Offer: $500,000

July 30, 2011

I am so over Casey Anthony. Hustler, apparently, is not. The men’s magazine is offering the 25-year-old $500,000 to bare all. Um, disgusting. Nasty. Gross. What is wrong with you Larry Flynt?

Casey Anthony

He does admit that once the verdict was read, he decided to forgo the idea of asking Anthony to pose sans clothes in his mag. But after wrapping up a book tour and several people asking why he hadn’t asked her to pose, he began to revisit the idea again.

He thinks that a trip to the salon and some help from a makeup artist would make Anthony ‘looking really fabulous’. Oh puhleaze. Flynt said there’s more to that $500,000 offer. He would also give her a percentage of the earnings from the nude pics, claiming she ‘could make millions’.

I feel strongly that Casey should not be able to receive any money off of her story, but she undoubtedly will. I refuse to purchase anything that she or whomever else is is trying to cash in on this tragic story. Do you agree? I think it’s shameful that anyone would try to make some money off of this. It’s just sick and wrong. Speaking of sick…

“You’ve got men who say, hey, I want to see her in her birthday suit,” he said of the Anthony offer. “There may be some sick individuals … but that’s what life is all about.”

Reps from Anthony’s camp have told CNN that they have not spoken to Flynt regarding his offer. Flynt may have to wait though, as Casey reportedly is on her way to rehab. Okay, don’t eve get me started on that one.

So come on readers, let’s get the discussion rolling on this matter. I’d like to especially hear from the men out there. Would you buy an issue of Hustler specifically for the reason that Casey appears in the buff?

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One Response to “Casey Anthony’s Hustler Offer: $500,000”

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    mat Says:

    i sure as hell would buy this the whole she killed her kid so she can party has always sound like B.S and the trial was even worse maybe if they had some thing real on her she would be in jail but total lack of evidence that could really be linked to casey and the total incompetence of the FDJ (Florida department of justice)from the police to the D.A. is very reassuring the best they could prove is that she is a sh*t parent no one can say she did it because no one was there so as far as im concerned shes just another naked chick in a magazine