Michael Douglas Smoking After Cancer Treatment?

July 29, 2011

The alleged news of Michael Douglas smoking officially falls under the category: not cool. Could it be that after months of nasty cancer treatment he would take such a risk?

Michael Douglas

First, we’ll start by fully disclosing that the pictures in question come from Star Magazine. I think we can all agree that they are not in the running for a Pulitzer Prize for journalism anytime soon.

With that said, the photos do clearly show him puffing away at something. Even RadarOnline picked up the story, which shows the Star cover of a hunched over Douglas smoking like a chimney.

It’s obvious why that would be a bad idea. Throat cancer doesn’t play nice with smoking, apparently.

What about marijuana? Many cancer patients turn to pot for so-called relief, is that what he’s doing?

Well, whatever he is puffing on does seem to be hand rolled. But the truth is, even if it is pot, it would be much smarter for him to eat it. Any kind of smoke could cause trouble for him.

Perhaps even sadder is that his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones has been doing her share of smoking, too. Second hand smoke is supposed to be very dangerous for a patient like Douglas as well.

Both of them need to calm down, and stop it already.

I grew up on Michael Douglas. The Jewel Of The Nile is one of those films that I can literally recite word for word. He was the man in that movie.

Unlike any other actor, he kept his career going with films like the new Wall Street movie, and of course, Don’t Say A Word.

He still had the intensity in his eyes in those films that he had earlier in his career.

Let’s hope this issue can be extinguished for good.

See the alleged photos of Michael Douglas smoking HERE. Do you think they are real?

Photos: www.wenn.com/Benross

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    Smoke Deter Says:

    He should not smoke