Murdoch Pie Thrower Slapped With Conviction

July 29, 2011

Amid all of the drama of the News Of The World hacking scandal, there was something rather hilarious that occurred. It involved a cream pie, and angry wife, and an interrupted hearing.

Rupert Murdoch

The last thing anyone expected during an emergency hearing in parliament was pie throwing. But for some reason, it was the form of justice that many people were seeking after learning of the antics at NOTW.

The man who perpetrated the dastardly deed has now been convicted of assault. Jonathan May-Bowles pled guilty to charges related to the video taped incident, which quickly went viral.

He is set to be sentenced next month. I have a suggestion for the judge, just let Murdoch’s wife have at him for a few minutes. Did you see that open handed claw strike she landed on the guy?

It was brutal. Get more details over at TMZ.

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    so nice.Okay Cyrstal Harris, is Hef bad in bed, or what?