From Raves to Riot-Gear: Kaskade’s Big Oops

July 29, 2011

This week brought us just another reminder of the power of Twitter to promote events. We’ve seen screaming Justin Bieber fans nearly trample each other after a tweet was sent revealing his whereabouts, but so far this is the first instant rave created by the micro-blogging service.


DJ Kaskade had planned to show up at a film premiere in style. Rent a flatbed truck, pile a few PA speakers on board, then spin records live in the street. The idea was to get some energy going for the fans before he slipped into the premiere.

I guess the path to hell is paved by good intentions.

Just before the appearance, he tweeted a simple message:


That formula almost led to disaster. When fans learned that the DJ would be outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre for what they thought would be a “block party,” they started pouring in.

Here’s how the DJ’s manager described the build-up:

“In two minutes there were 100 people, in three minutes there were 1,000 people, and by the time he got to the corner of Hollywood and Highland there were 3,000 people around me. Cars couldn’t go anywhere.”

LAPD eventually showed up in full riot gear. From there, reports state the some of the fans began throwing rocks and bottles at police, which led to a few people being cuffed.

Kaskade was apparently upset that anyone would step out of line at one of his events, sending this tweet later that night:

“It’s unfortunate that a few disrespectful people turned what was supposed to be a celebration of music into a regrettable event. This is not what EDM is about.”

I’m a little flummoxed myself. Electronic music shows and parties are not normally violent. In fact, the crowds are normally the most accepting of any you’ll find – especially compared to the typical night club crowds.

What is it about large herds of people acting ridiculous?


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