Meat Loaf Faints On Stage (Video)

July 29, 2011

Fans attending the Meat Loaf concert in Pittsburgh last night got a little scare when the singer literally passed out on stage while performing.

Meat Loaf

Although the video isn’t great you get the idea of what happened. Meat Loaf collapses and medics rush on stage as concert goers eagerly waited to see if he was ok. After a while he was able to get back up on his feet and continued the show. Thankfully everything turned out just fine, even though he was down for the count for a good 10 minutes.

So what the heck happened? Well it turns out the former Celebrity Apprentice contestant apparently suffers from asthma, which can cause some serious problems. Meat Loaf himself actually offered an explanation during his performance of what is one of my favorite song’s of his, Paradise By The Dashboard Lights. I can’t really write what he said because it was full of profanity, so beware before you watch the second video below beware he uses some very inappropriate language. Actually it really isn’t so much of an explanation as it is a rant, at least that is what I think but you can see for yourself when you watch the video.

Meat Loaf always puts on a good show there is no question about that. However last night his killer concert turned quite scary when he fainted. Asthma isn’t something to mess around with so I sure hope that the singer gets himself checked out by a doctor and takes care of himself.

That my friends is all I have for you now. I think that you should all take a little looksy and the videos, then share your thoughts with me on it. Again beware explicit language is used. Also the quality isn’t the best but you can clearly see what happened so it is definitely worth checking out.

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Photos: M. Barraza/Johnny Forsyth

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