Big Brother 13 Live Eviction Recap And HOH Spoilers

July 29, 2011

Thursday night′s Big Brother 13 live eviction show recap comes with an added bonus today…, HOH competition spoilers! Yes, last night began an endurance test for the next HOH. But first, let us see what host Julie Chen has in store for the House Guests as we shift to individual play.

big brother 13 week 4 recap spoilers
Julie Chen tells the Big Brother 13 House Guests that they are now playing as individuals. Image Credit: Apega /

Before we get into the live eviction vote, we are first shown taped items from the past couple of days. Much of what happened after the Power of Veto meeting revolves around Dominic and Danielle. Both are trying to convince Brendon and Rachel to keep Dominic in the house and boot Adam. Danielle is upset that Brenchel did not follow her advice to back-door Jeff. His partner, Jordan, talks with Kalia and learns that she had also heard about the plot against Jeff. Meanwhile, Jeff confronts Dominic and wants him to name names and spill the beans about everything. But Dominic denies it all.

Jordan tells Jeff about Kalia while Dominic tries again to cut a deal with Brenchel. Then Jeff pops in the HOH room and attacks Dominic. Rachel makes nice and voices some support to booting Adam instead, which seems to make Dominic relax. Brendon confronts Kalia who is not happy about being called out, since she had really little to do with the boot-Jeff plot.

All heck breaks loose when Brenchel hold a house meeting and the accusations fly in all directions. Kalia tries to defend Danielle but that goes nowhere. Danielle tries to talk her way out of the situation but nobody is buying her story. In short, she has been exposed as the double-dealing, back-stabbing who is trying to shake up the whole house. So when we finally get to the live broadcast, Julie asks Jeff if the meeting helped clear the air? Jeff says it did, Danielle says it didn′t.

Before the vote, Adam makes the usual don′t-vote-me-out speech. Dominic, on the other hand, figuring he′s toast anyway, unloads a double-barrel of trouble calling the newbies all a bunch of spineless jellyfish. As the voting takes place, only Danielle casts one against Adam, so Dominic is evicted by a score of 7 to 1. Julie then informs the House Guests that the Golden Keys are through and everyone is playing as individuals from now on. Which takes us to the HOH competition and a SPOILER ALERT!

Okay, so this week′s HOH challenge is an endurance test. Everybody except Rachel was on a pair of skis that wiggle and wobble, much like last season′s surfboard endurance test. From time they get hit with some fake wind and fake snow. One by one they start to fall off. Rachel cheers on for Brendon, so he falls off. Then Rachel cheers for Porsche and she falls off. So Rachel then cheers for Shelly and she falls off. Jeff, Jordan and Lawon are also long gone by now. This leaves just Kalia and Danielle. They cut a deal and Kalia takes a dive, giving Danielle the HOH title. So this week′s Big Brother 13 live eviction night recap and spoilers ends with a real upset as now Danielle has the power to put any two people she wants up for eviction. Will Brendon and Jeff be first on the chopping block?


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