Big Brother 13 Recap of Wednesday Show

July 28, 2011

Grab your rubber ducky because it is time for the Big Brother 13 recap of the Wednesday night show. Now, much of what happened I had already posted on Monday with the Sunday recap and POV spoilers. But there is enough new material to justify an article today on the eve of tonight′s live eviction show. Much of the action centers around Jeff and Jordan (pictured) figuring out that Danielle and Dominic are trying to get them evicted.

big brother 13 recap wednesday
Jeff and Jordan are becoming suspicious of Danielle in Big Brother 13. Image Credit: Nikki Nelson /

So after Dominic and Adam got put back on the chopping block by Rachel, they held their quick strategy session, wondering where they had gone wrong? Rachel visited them in the Have Not room and told them that this week is a ″deal week″, but Dominic did not want to discuss any deals until after the POV competition.

Danielle and Dominic continue to plot to somehow convince Brendon and Rachel to back-door Jeff and Jordan. Dominic talks with Brenchel alone without Adam, throwing him under the bus and wants to know what he could do to seal a deal. Brenchel tell him to throw the POV, which he agrees to do. Danielle is not happy to hear about that, so she keeps spinning her web on booting Jeff this week. Brenchel tell her that they want full control, including the POV themselves, to determine what happens.

Meanwhile, Dominic talks with Shelly about how he and Danielle are plotting to back-door Jeff and Jordan, and if successful, target Rachel and Brendon next. Shelly, who is allied with Jordan and Jeff, tells Jordan. The two visit Rachel and Brendon in the HOH room where Shelly spills the beans. Brendon tells her to go at once so she is not seen as hanging out with them in the HOH. Brenchel and Jordan then confer about how Danielle is trying to stir up trouble and manipulate them.

The POV competition is bizarre! A giant woman in a soapy pool with hairy legs. Players have 10 minutes to gather hairs, each with a letter, and then spell the longest word possible. From time to time, Big Brother blasted the players with more soapy suds, causing Rachel to gag on them. Brendon wound up winning the POV spelling UNDERSTANDING, which beat runner-up Jeff′s EXPRESSES.

So with Brenchel now in full control, the real scrambling began. Danielle and Dominic continued to work for back-dooring Jeff and Jordan. Jeff and Brendon talk a long chat and decided to boot Dominic this week then go after Danielle as soon as possible. So at the Veto ceremony, Brendon announced that he would not use the Power of Veto. So as we end the Big Brother 13 recap of Wednesday night′s show, we have Dominic looking like a sure boot while Danielle vows to foil Brenchel′s plans.


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