‘New Year’s Eve’ Movie Trailer Debuts (Video)

July 27, 2011

The first trailer for ‘New Year’s Eve’ has made its way to the web. Showcasing a huge line up of celebrities, watch the trailer below for the Garry Marshall directed flick.

New Years Eve Set 1

In his follow up to ‘Valentine’s Day’, Garry Marshall has released a first look at his new movie ‘New Year’s Eve’ that is filled with familiar faces from both television and the big screen. Appearing in the movie trailer is a barrage of talent, from Glee’s Lea Michele to Zac Efron, Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Michelle Pfeiffer and more, on top a number of other stars not yet seen.

Hopefully the hype doesn’t stop there. Already being coined a silly rom-com (by some) with huge talent, but a poor plot, ‘New Year’s Eve’ follows a slew of characters on one of the most notorious nights of the year. Here’s the synopsis, per Movie Insider:

“The movie tells intertwining stories of a group of New Yorkers as they navigate their way through romance over the course of New Year’s Eve. Robert De Niro will play a bitter dying man in a hospital, while Michelle Pfeiffer will be a frustrated executive secretary who decides to tackle her unfulfilled resolutions. Hilary Swank will play a producer of the famed Times Square New Year’s Eve show. Ashton Kutcher will play a guy who hates New Year’s Eve.”

The trailer shows a melding of different clips with a pregnant Jessica Beil, an irate and angry Katherine Heigl, Lea Michele and Ashton Kutcher sharing some screen time, Zac Efron as a bike messenger on a mission, and other scenarios. Check out the sneak peek below and tell us what you think? New Year’s Eve was written by screen writer Katherine Fugate, and is due out in theaters on December 9th 2011.

See the video trailer below and check out photos from the set.

New Years Eve Set 2New Years Eve Set 3New Years Eve Set 4

Photos: www.wenn.com
Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN

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