Gene Simmons Family Jewels Season Finale Recap

July 27, 2011

Did Gene Simmons get married? Did Shannon Tweed say yes to his marriage proposal? These are the big questions following last night′s season finale of the A&E Reality TV series, ′Gene Simmons Family Jewels.′ So let us recap the events leading up to the big moment in Belize.

gene simmons family jewels recap
′Gene Simmons Family Jewels′ season finale recaps to a show that is keeping America spellbound. Image Credit: Adriana M. Barraza /

The show begins with Nick and Sophie stopping by the house while Gene is doing something on his computer. He tells the kids that he is flying up to Saskatoon tomorrow to bring Shannon home. Later, Sophie interrupts as Gene is meeting with jewelers who are displaying their finest engagement rings. Gene tells Sophie that he intends to ask Shannon to marry him. This makes Sophie very happy and she helps him decide on having a custom ring made, which will take about two weeks.

The next morning, Gene is packing for his trip when the limo shows up an hour early. But it turns out not to be the limo he arranged to take him to the airport. Instead, its one Shannon hired to bring her home as she flew back overnight. Gene gives her a genuine apology for his behavior in Saskatoon and she accepts it. Shannon tells him she wants to try to work things out.

The next week, Gene tells Shannon that he has made reservations for the two of them to have a romantic vacation in Belize. He then calls Shannon′s mom on Skype to ask for her blessing to propose marriage. Shannon′s mom is reluctant and warns him that if he hurts Shannon, he is ″dead meat.″ Shannon is suspicious, suspecting that he has some business deal going on down there. Gene then contacts the jewelers and arranges with them to overnight the ring to him in Belize by special courier. Meanwhile, Sophie tells Nick what is going on.

Arriving in Belize, things get off to a fun start. Gene has gone over the top with his arrangements, including some personal access through the Tourism Ministry to get a good tour guide. Gene checks at the hotel desk but no package yet. Their first adventure is a boat ride out to where sharks are and Shannon swims with some. That night at dinner, Shannon is still skeptical about some ulterior motive for the trip. Gene reassures her by dumping his cell phone into a pitcher of ice water.

The next day, the tour guide takes Gene and Shannon cave-tubing, riding large tubes down a river which runs under some spectacular rock formations. Gene asks the tour guide to call the jewelers but all he gets is voice mail. So Gene borrows the guide′s phone and calls Sophie, who takes charge and makes a personal appearance at the jewelers to expedite the ring′s completion.

The next morning, while Shannon is primping herself in the bathroom, there′s a knock at the door and a hotel manager hands Gene the package with the ring. They are scheduled to fly in a small airplane over several stunning sites, including the famous Blue Hole of Belize. Gene′s plan is to propose while flying over the Blue Hole. But at the airport, the pilot invites Shannon to sit up in front next to him, leaving Gene in the back seat where nobody can hear him over the noise of the plane′s engine.

Proposal Attempt #2 comes the next day as Gene and Shannon take a boat ride to visit some Mayan ruins. The boat ride is interrupted by a monkey which hops on board and amuses everyone. At the ruins, the tour guide suggests to Gene that he proposes to Shannon on top of one of the temples. So Gene scampers up the many steps, winding himself quickly. Shannon takes it slow and easy and beats him to the top. By the time Gene reaches her, he is so out of breath he cannot talk at all. Meanwhile, sister Tracy Tweed visits the kids and they tell her what is going on.

On the last evening in Belize, Gene arranges for a quiet dinner on a pier with a great ocean view. Before Shannon can sit down, Gene begins his speech, telling her how she is the only friend he has, the only woman he has ever loved. He the gets down on one knee, produces the ring, and asks her to marry him. Shannon is speechless and totally surprised! So did Shannon Tweed accept Gene Simmons′ marriage proposal? Guess what? Its ″To Be Continued″! We may have to wait till the next season of Gene Simmons Family Jewels to learn how it all unfolds. But I suspect that she will say ″Yes″ and they will be married well before then.


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2 Responses to “Gene Simmons Family Jewels Season Finale Recap”

  1. 1
    Mandi Says:

    I noticed during the couch interviews during the episode when they are talking about the trip to Belize that she is wearing quite the rock on her ring finger, so I think it’s safe to say she “said yes!” Way to step up, Gene! The woman has put with with your crap for almost 30 years, I think she deserves to be Mrs. Simmons at this point!

  2. 2
    Andy Z Says:

    I agree. I am quite certain she will say Yes and they will finally marry.